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Why Magento Product Designer is Best for your Magento E-Store?



“Free size is not a perfect fit for all” We all know this concept very well. If you are into the eCommerce business, probably, you know it better. Then why are you still stuck selling the products in the same way? Personalization is the uniqueness that your business needs. And there’s nothing better than a product designer tool that can give your t-shirts, shoes, gifts, items a personal touch. 

Talking about the popular eCommerce platform, we all know Magento tops the list. Infact, merchants using Magento grow 3X faster. And thus, if you integrate a personalization tool, ensure its Magento compatible. Magento product designer tool will make a cut-edge product. Here’s why.


Magento 2 product designer is built by considering the intricacies of the Magento infrastructure. The developing companies make sure that the software is compatible with Magento 2 platform. You can easily install it. While configuring, if you face any issues, the developer companies can help you out. You can run your tools without using Flash because the tools are mostly built on HTML5. 

Open Source Advantage

Magento is an open-source platform. It means you can edit and customize the Magento product customizer according to your needs. Magento has a paid commerce version that has more features and specifications than open-source. If you use Magento Commerce and are familiar with technicalities, then it might be easy to customize the extension. But here’s a warning. While customizing, make sure that you don’t manipulate the licence code file. You may have to face legal problems later.

Mobile Responsive

People prefer mobile to desktop. Therefore, it becomes imperative for you to provide them with a mobile responsive eCommerce store. Well, Magento offers a mobile-friendly, easy payment, seamless checkout. Furthermore, it helps you attain a broader audience and lift sales. On the other hand, customers can easily add, edit, and customize the products as per their convenience. Hence, if you add an extension that’s not mobile responsive, you may face losses.

Flexible Backend

No one can deny that Magento is a robust platform and has a powerful backend. The unique admin dashboard gives 360 insights into the entire business process. To enable or disable features like availability, setting limitations, and access is like a toggle button. The changes you make in the backend reflect in the frontend instantly. 

For example, you have a t-shirt printing business. You provide services on some selected days. You can set those days from the backend, and customers trying on other days would get an alert, “Sorry, the service is unavailable today.” Suppose you only offer to print the front side of the t-shirts. If customers try customizing the backside, they’ll get an alert, “Sorry, you can only customize the front side of the t-shirt.”

Magento has a box full of such features for the extensions that you add. Isn’t that cool?

Array of Products

Magento is suitable for various eCommerce industries – apparel, shoes, jewelry, gifts, stationery, and more. Similarly, you can use the designer tool for personalizing different items like t-shirts, pen drives, cards, mugs, jewelry, etc. Customers can easily design their products and order them. There’s no limit to using a Magento product customizer except that the product should have a printable surface. If it has, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a water bottle or a pen; you can personalize it. 

Multilingual Support

It’s always a better option to have a multilingual website. This way, you can target the locals and widen your customer base. We know that Magento offers multilingual support. Customers can view the site content in their language by changing the location. Similarly, a Magento product designer tool comes with a multi-language feature. Customers can use the tool in their language by updating the locale. 

The features mentioned above ensure that having a Magento design tool is valuable for your business. Not to forget, you will have a layer of securities; Magento will make sure of it.

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