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Ways to Implement Data Science in Marketing



When big data became available to establishments and enterprises, there were no doubts that they felt the need to exploit and extract valuable information out of it. Data science is an interdisciplinary field where big data can be used to obtain delightful insights pertaining to customers. Through proper implementation of data science, a company can perform detailed analysis and discover findings that can help in making high-level decisions to benefit their organizations.

Such is the impact of data science that a recent study revealed, only a 10% increase in data accessibility can lead to a more than $65 million additional net income for a typical Fortune 1000 company. Today we would like to focus on how data science can be applied towards marketing your products and services. So let’s take a quick look at some of the ways through which data science can impact marketing and other related activities of your company.

How Data Science Can Be Used for Marketing

Automated Digital Marketing

By incorporating the findings from big data and extracting information through data science, a company can achieve automated digital marketing to a great extent. Through automated digital marketing, companies and organizations can manage their activities on multiple channels, including emails, social media, and websites.

There are software and several of them available that can help you establish workable platforms to automate repetitive tasks. This then results in marketers to automate and simplify client communication and managing complex Omni channel as well as marketing strategies. Digital marketing automation tools also help in lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, segmentation, cross-sell & upsell, customer retention, and much more.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Through data analysis, your company can gauge prospective customers properly in order to validate their potential value. Furthermore, proper implementation of data science can also help your company to rank prospects based on their perceived value.

Lead scoring is considered as one of the key marketing automation tasks that allow you to target the right customers and prospects. It also helps your company to improve the productivity and efficiency of its marketing and sales teams. All of this can lead to predictive lead scoring, where machine learning algorithms can be used to evaluate the behaviors of customers and prospects. Eventually, it can also enable your company to develop a yardstick to measure which customer to retain as well.

Real-Time Interactions

With time customers around the globe have come to expect companies to provide personalized digital experiences. Through data science, your company can deploy real-time interaction management that results in the delivery of contextually relevant marketing for customers and users across various devices.

Marketers fueled by vast datasets along with machine learning can deliver outstandingly well when it comes to building recognition for their brands and services. This empowers them to offer appropriate contextual digital experiences, providing personalized recommendations, and deploy a unified approach across multiple devices.

All of this results in the personalization of the Omni channel, which is, in fact, the core element when it comes to real-time interaction management or RTIM.

Consumer Profiling

Consumer profiling is the summarizing of consumer data that includes their lifestyles, shopping habits, income level, and various other demographics, such as preferences and behavior patterns. Through data science, your company can create value by understanding relevant data and then targeting your customers more effectively through markets that surround them.

Data analytics also provide you with personal information about consumers that can assist you in profiling them in greater detail; however, such intimate information can raise concerns regarding the privacy of customers and their personal information.

Nevertheless, data science empowers your company to develop something known as ‘Best Customer Profile’ and also cleanse and regulate information periodically to make it more accurate and up to date.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is considered to be quite an effective tool even to this day when it comes to marketing your products and services, as well as reaching out to customers and new prospects. Through data science, you can make your email campaigns more effective and deploy a surgical precision to target the right kind of audience that is more suitable and profitable for your company.

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Budget Optimization

For your marketing team, it is important that they deploy budget optimization as it helps them to utilize effective budgets for their respective campaigns involving various promotional activities. Through data science, your marketing team can implement budget optimization for the best available opportunities that can offer you the greatest favorable results.

Data science can help you to also avoid futile attempts for marketing the wrong niches for your businesses. Furthermore, it can also assist you in determining the right channels your company should exploit to reach prospects. Marketing does involve spending on your company’s part, but through data science implementation, you can save your company from spending money in the wrong direction.

Targeted Marketing

Tying in with the previous point we have mentioned, through data science, you can seek out the right prospects and customers that can prove to be valuable for your organization both in short and the long run.

Data science can indefinitely help your marketers to handle and manage digital information regarding their campaigns as well as collect valuable information to improve their tactics.

Through data science, your marketing team can map social networks as well as illustrate customer personas. Down the line, your company can also develop brand new approaches and deal with marketing challenges and bottlenecks in a more effective manner.

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ustomer Analysis

It should be quite obvious by now that through data science, your establishment can analyze big data and drive out valuable insights pertaining to your customer base, their behaviors, and spending.

Plus with increased information made available to your marketing teams, data science can assist you in applying in-depth analysis regarding your customers.

Through proper customer analysis, your company can then create appropriate marketing plans to cater to their needs and requirements. Furthermore, customer analysis can also be used for site selection and enhancing customer relationship management.


Data science and marketing go hand in hand. Through big data, your company’s marketing department can be provided with valuable information to understand targeted audiences in a much better way. With data science implementation into your marketing approach, your team can develop better customer profiling, search engine optimization, improved responsiveness, customer engagement, and management of marketing campaigns in real-time.

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