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This Is Why T-shirt Design Software Is So Famous!

Do you know back then, at the beginning of the 20th-century, t-shirts used to be called undergarments?



Fun fact: Do you know back then, at the beginning of the 20th-century, t-shirts used to be called undergarments?? At the same time, it emerged by separating the top and bottom parts. But thanks to the evolution and the transition, we can use t-shirts in casual wear.

From being known as undergarments, t-shirts are now one of the most popular garments among different age groups. With such a demand, there is a lot of supply which makes it competitive. To beat this competition in the printing industry, you should strive to offer something new. The t-shirt design software exactly lets you offer the out of box product. It is now capturing the attention of most of the entrepreneurs out there in the field. Let’s look at why it is popular among entrepreneurs and how it can turn the tables around.

Here is why t-shirt design software is famous among entrepreneurs

  • Software of Creative Branding 

Around 627000 businesses start every year, and more than 90% business fails in the same year. Such a big number and you want to be in that 10%, right? If you are in the t-shirt printing business, t-shirt design software is there to make you stand out.

Img Source

You see how it works. Above is the image of a t-shirt with a simple design and a tagline. With its simple design and elegant look, everyone probably will get the hint of the brand. Without even bolding the brand name, that is the power of creative branding with the help of software. To break the suspense for those who don’t know, the brand is Nike.

  • Helps you building a loyal customer base

Imagine how it would be if the entire universe works as per our command? Well, that pretty good procrastination. But not in the case of t-shirt design. With t-shirt designing software, you can enable your customers to create dynamic designs of the t-shirt.

In this case, you are giving them the power to your customer to carve what they want. This is something you are offering that rest are not. The power of everything being in control is magical. This will help you in creating a loyal customer base.

  • Inexpensive, fast production and versatile  

Another big reason behind the popularity of the software is the profitability of the product. If you choose the correct quantity of t-shirt to print, the production cost will be relatively cheap! Upon that, if you order the t-shirt in bulk the cost per t-shirt will surprisingly reduce.

The T-shirt comes in various quality and color variants which makes it more versatile than any other product. You can find a thick and thin t-shirt, silk, cotton, and much more. As long as the design and printing technique sorts out early, the production process of the t-shirt can be daily quick.

Walking Advertisements of your brand

Over time, the way of advertisement has changed a lot. In the previous century, the advertisement was hoardings and word of mouth. But now it has changed a lot. With the customized t-shirt, you can instantly build an advertising army.

For more brief, let’s take an example of the above image. By watching the “Just Do It” tagline, everyone will come to know that it is of NIKE. The person walking on the streets by putting on your designed t-shirt is unknowingly doing the advertisement of your brand.


At the stage of cut-throat competition, the only thing you can survive is Uniqueness. With the t-shirt designing software, you can portray your brand as unique.

Even if you are running the e-commerce printing business of multiple products like t-shirts, masks, mobile cases, and posters, you can still use the all-in product designer tool. Like Magento product designer and Shopify product designer tool.

Customers will do your advertisement for free; upon that, you will enjoy a loyal customer base. Above all, t-shirts are inexpensive and fast to produce, making the software even more popular among print owners.

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