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Move Over Bitcoin! – How New Cryptocurrency “SafeBTC” is making waves…



Since Bitcoin has massively increased in value and made more millionaires than the lottery, different forms of Cryptocurrency have come to fruition. 

We don’t know whether we will see a rise as astronomical as BTC again but keeping up to date with new Cryptos like SafeBTC is your way of keeping your finger on the pulse.

What is SafeBTC?

SafeBTC is an exciting new cryptocurrency turning heads among experts in the field. The “sister” to Bitcoin is quickly making waves and has recently been added on popular platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. The token to date has around 45,000 token holders to date and is still growing. While the figures are impressive, what makes this Cryptocurrency stand out?

Why SafeBTC is the one to watch…

SafeBTC is gaining traction due to the nature of how it rewards its token holders. In fact an owner of SafeBTC will not only benefit from the holding value increasing over time as any cryptocurrency trader would hope. But also when a transaction occurs, a percentage of this sale will go back straight to the holders and bump their tokens amount. 

Every sale made, 2% is then distributed back! So it’s safe to say the timing is perfect. The sooner you get in, the more people will buy after you and the more rewards you reap.

How Accessible is it? 

SafeBTC is currently listed on Binance owned DEX, PancakeSwap. The process is eay, buy some BNB coins to cover the minimal fees, connect your wallet and swap your BNB or USDC for SafeBTC.

Where Can You Get Additional Info…

As popularity for a Cryptocurrency increases so does the content. There are some great articles on publications like Tech Bullion and are many more to come! It has obtained an Official Profile on as well

Another fantastic resource of information is through the app TELEGRAM. The SafeBTC community is currently thriving at 14,000 users and can be found here. This is a fantastic way to find out people’s thoughts and find answers to any questions you may have.

To compliment this, there is an official website just released! This is part of a rebrand initiative starting this year so keep an eye out. Here’s the link:

There is so much more content to come, so keep an eye out! 


SafeBTC is a fastly growing cryptocurrency that has the potential to keep increasing in value! The innovative way they reward their token holders seems to appeal for those looking for the next big gap in the market. If you aren’t convinced, there’s plenty of material  and more to come so do your research. All in all, it’s a very interesting concept that seems to have captured the minds of investors based on the increase in popularity.

SafeBTC is a fastly growing cryptocurrency that has the potential