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Easy and Pretty 5 Minutes Fall Decorating



In spite of the falling temperatures, the long nights, and all the other changes that fall will bring, you still need to be all energized with your moods high. In addition to keeping yourself warm, relaxed, and at ease during the season, give your home a touch of the season too. Make it colorful both indoors and outdoors with the much common autumn decorations such as pumpkins, apples, autumn-colored fabrics, dry leaves, etc. It doesn’t need to be too costly or too much work, you can still achieve a perfect fall decoration by simply being creative. Your home will be left all warmed up, beautiful, and cozy with these creative, fun-filled, and quick ideas to decorate for the season.

1) Decorate with fall indoor house plants

Place your fall indoor plants which include Prayer plant, ZZ plant, Neon Pothos, etc. perfectly in the living room. In addition to plants making your living room look glorious, they will also aid in keeping the air clean and the room awesomely quiet since they avert noise.

Regardless of the low temperatures and the minimal natural light, LED grow lights will help you provide artificial light in order to maintain the beauty of plants and their proper growth. In addition, it gives a touch of fall since they come in different colors, such as red which is a perfect color for fall. LED lights are perfect for use since they save a lot of energy hence cheap to maintain.

 2) Give the front door a touch of Autumn

Welcome, everyone in the house with a fall-themed wreath hanging at the front door. You can easily make a circular wreath by use of grapevine twigs; fold them in a circular form and add in some decorative sunflowers or another fall floral from your garden e.g. Pansies and Marigold. You can stick some dry brown leaves with glue to make it more colorful. You can still choose to tie a number of the autumn colored Indian dried corn in a row or a pattern of your choice to hang it on your front door.

 3) Place some fall-themed  throw pillows

Make your sofas colorful and inviting by placing some fall-themed throw pillows in a beautiful pattern. Choose fall colored ones like orange, purple, brown, and red. There are readily available throw pillows with autumn writings on them which can be used to spice up your bed. Throw pillows are economical since you can still use them all year through.

 4) Create a creative pumpkin display

You cannot think of fall without pumpkins around. Real and artificial ones are not hard to find this time of the year. Hang pumpkins in your living room to make a pattern that’s attractive, for example, a long pumpkin garland hung on the chandelier. You can start displaying pumpkin and gourds in different sizes and colors right from the front door, in the corridors, and in the bedroom. Artificial pumpkins can be repainted very quickly with autumn colors to give them a new look.

 5) Lighten up the rooms with candles

Make the long dark nights brighter by using candles with an autumn scent placed on glamorous autumn-themed candle holders that are easily homemade for instance using a jar- painted yellow or orange- and placing them on a table with some dry fall colored leaves neatly arranged. You can also make apple candle holders by cutting the apple creatively and shaping it in a way that a candle would fit in. Use some oil to avoid blackening of the outer part.

 6) Add some autumn-themed  arts

You can try and be a little artistic to welcome fall in style and with several beautifully designed artwork. For starters, pick some dry leaves in the garden and use glue to stick them in a design of your choice and place them on a carton made frame then hang it on the wall. It is pretty fast and with an amazing look in your living room. You can also make a simple painting and use fall colored paints to make it blend with the season and it would still look marvelous. 


You don’t need to get worried about how to go about transforming your house for the fall season because there are enough, very simple and cheap ideas you can use and perfectly get your home ready for the season. Do not let dullness make your days even darker and colder when you can comfortably make it all bright and charming.

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