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Why Choose Circuit Breakers Instead of Fuses?

In modern-day systems use residential and commercial circuit breakers in place of the traditional fuses. Circuit breaker repairs and technology have multiple benefits over fuses. Let’s go through some advantages;



Previously, electricians only used to install fuses in the residential and commercial electrical systems to prevent short-circuiting, circuit overloading, and any other potential dangers from electricity. However, the modern-day systems use residential and commercial circuit breakers in place of the traditional fuses. Circuit breaker repairs and technology have multiple benefits over fuses.

Even though fuses are cheaper than circuit breakers, their advantages are way less than that of circuit breakers. People usually opt for fuses because they are affordable but circuit breakers have been the recent choice of many people.

The main perk of hiring commercial circuit breaker companies to install your breakers is that they can allow manufacturers in factories to provide increased safety to their workers and ensure proper energy management strategies.

Advantages of Using Circuit Breakers

1. Circuit Breakers have Reliable Performance

The main drawback of using a fuse is that their performance deteriorates over the years causing them to burst even when there is no apparent electrical fault. Moreover, there are no reliable tests that you can implement to check the working condition of a fuse so you can never really figure out the current threshold at which the fuse would open.

On the other side, circuit breakers are well tested during their production ensuring that their performance remains consistent over the years of use.

2. Circuit Breakers offer Increased Protection

If we talk about the breaking capacity of a circuit breaker then it is far more than of a fuse. In case, there is an electrical overload on your system, a circuit breaker trips much faster than a fuse, 1000 times faster. At the same time, circuit breakers also offer limitations to a current value providing increased safety and protection.

These features ensure enhanced safety and extend the life of a circuit breaker preventing it from premature aging. You should know that one out of three fuses usually opens up allowing the motor to operate in two phases hence increasing the chances of an overload. Such situations will never arise with a circuit breaker because it opens in all three phases at the same time.

3. Circuit Breakers offer Additional Safety

Fuses pose potential risks to electricians and technical people. In a fuse, all the conductors are exposed and during a replacement procedure, they can be a great threat to the person working on it. On the other hand, the conductors on a circuit breaker are well hidden so that any procedure can be safely performed even by unskilled people. This provides enhanced safety for technical personnel.

In industrial areas, one of the most common reasons for fire is a fuse replacement done incorrectly with wrong models. However, such mistakes cannot be made with circuit breakers because they do not need replacing even when they trip.

Lastly, the replacement of fuses is a time-consuming process while reclosing a breaker only requires a few seconds. So circuit breakers not only provide safety but decreases downtime as well.

4. Circuit Breakers are Budget-Friendly

We have already mentioned that a fuse costs way less than a circuit breaker which is why people opt for a fuse generally. However, if you take into account the entire cost of installation of a fuse including its frequent replacement, it becomes very expensive in the long run.

You know that you require three fuses for the three phases of your electrical system and every fuse needs a special base. Then you also need to buy and install an in-switching capability because fuses lack that. And lastly, when the time comes for a replacement, all three fuses require replacing simultaneously.

Hence, all in all, this is an expensive process when compared to that of a circuit breaker.  Circuit breakers are indeed expensive to install but prove to be budget-friendly in the long run.

5. Circuit Breakers offer increased functionality

Circuit breakers are equipped with advanced features such as fault protection systems etc. Fuses on the other hand, lack in all such in-built features.

Moreover, circuit breakers have a proper system of coordination in between when it comes to selectivity. In fact, the latest circuit breakers are equipped with the most advanced technologies packed in a compact size including the option of field-upgrading.

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