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The Up and Coming: Tré Vé



Tré Vé is a Nigerian-born R&B singer/songwriter and Rapper from Perth, Western Australia. Tre is known for his unique deep, soothing and mellow voice.

He has always had a huge passion for music, He started singing since the age of six. He has always knew he wanted to be a singer when he grew up, it all started when he auditioned for his local school choir and the judge was astonished with his talents knowing that one day he will make it far.

With popular releases like Breakin Free, Motto and Villain Story,  Tré Vé is bound for success in the music world, Tré has upcoming releases and singles coming out this year and a few collaborations with other up and coming artists both local and around the world. He is very excited to see where his music journey will take him as this is just the beginning of a new milestone.




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