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New internet celebrity Emanuele Guerrini has been stranded at Los Ángeles airport for lack of a visa



Emanuele guerrini known as the new internet celebrity would have gone to Los Ángeles to evaluate opening a company a second time after he would have returned to open the company so a real tourist trip where there in the airport he would have been blocked at the exit where an American policeman who would have called an Italian policeman for translation, the Italian policeman insulted Emanuele guerrini excessively without any valid reason, would have said obscene words insulting him in every way to Mr. Emanuele Guerrini telling him do you have some problem with head why are you here the policeman repeated these words several times and would also have told him are you sure you are not taking any drugs that I think you have mental problems that is why you are running away from home

He also told him his jacket is dirty you are one who has mental problems that he ran away from home without saying anything to your parents when Emanuele Guerrini has all the whatsapp messages that he notified his mother and father of his departure when Emanuele Guerrini’s father accompanied Emanuele to the Fiumicino hotel for his departure, he is not ends here the policeman as well as insulting and offended in every possible way and above all he humiliated Mr. Emanuele Guerrini for no reason in every way he also told her the rich and famous don’t travel with 500 euros in their pocket Emanuele replied that that’s what I took with me for a few days after which he sent Emanuele he sent to the immigration center for almost 3 days at the center where they would have picked up the smartphone and passport at the Los Angeles airport after which he would not even warn the family that Emanuele Guerrini was there at the immigration center the visa wasn’t even wrong because Emanuele Guerrini had a valid visa to travel because Emanuele would have returned a second time to open the company a real shame they sent him away without any reason

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Emanuele would have received his smartphone after 3 days in the immigration center on the return flight on the plane that had a stopover in Istanbul he received the smartphone and in Fiumicino he received his passport Turkish Airlines gave a return flight to Mr. Emanuele Guerrini and gave it to him because he was to the immigration center for no reason

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