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5 Industries that Demand Custom T-shirts

A t-shirt is one that never goes out of fashion. Look at you; despite your work industry, there are 99% chances that you’re wearing a t-shirt right now.



Probably, it’s the reason why it tops the chart in the startup business ideas. Also, because the global custom t-shirt printing market is expected to grow at a 9.78% CAGR from 2021-2028.

In short, the demand is high. With an online presence, a t-shirt design tool, and the right plan, you can start a custom t-shirt business at low investment. And as the business expands, you can turn your small startup into a big apparel store.

However, custom t-shirts are more than adding logos and quotes. The scope of custom t-shirts is high in various industries. Let’s see a few of those. 

  • Education and Universities

The feeling of connecting with schools and universities is personal. Students, teachers, alumni want to express their pride by wearing custom tees. From the first day to the reunion and cultural events, there are various options where education universities can use custom t-shirts. It means there’s a huge market for custom t-shirt printing businesses.

However, make sure you have a feature-rich product design tool.

For the education industry, you can provide different categories of t-shirts.

  1. Tees for sports and cultural team
  2. Homecoming alumni specific tees
  3. Tees for leaderships and cheer clubs
  • Startups and Corporates

Today every business is in the race of creating marketing strategies to attract targeted audiences. And to make their brand more visible, they are investing in custom t-shirts.

For example, Adidas. They send out cool custom t-shirts and free merchandise to test. Splunk, a San Francisco-based big data software company, has a witty quote t-shirt to speak their brand. No logos, no graphics, no designs.

If you want to provide t-shirts for corporates, you need to decide the type of t-shirts you would sell. You can sell promotional t-shirts to build brands or company t-shirts to build a community among employees.   

  • Sports and Fitness

Custom t-shirts are not limited to logo and number t-shirts for teams. Today, fitness enthusiasts too want to wear stylish custom tees. This creates room for businesses to create unique fitness merchandise.

While creating custom designs for fitness and sports teams, make sure that it reflects the power and strength of the fitness or sports team. A little motivation would also do. T-shirts for team spirit are also an excellent option to serve sports teams. Use robust designs, bold colors, and text to match the power and strength of the team.

  • NGOs and Charities

T-shirts are not just about fashion or marketing. Sometimes, they play a significant role in changing the world. They create social awareness about causes, the environment, political matters, etc. A simple quote, environment-friendly t-shirts create a huge impact on everyone around. And thus, many businesses provide t-shirts specifically for non-profits. Charitees, an American company, provides non-profits with custom tees and other promotional items. 

  • Hospitality Industry

If you plan to start your t-shirt printing business, the hospitality industry would be a lucrative option. You can offer your services to food companies, event planning, resorts, transportation, etc.

Here’s how it would prove them fruitful.

Restaurants and bars can use custom t-shirts for the staff or promotional purposes. Otter’s Chicken, for example, is a sports-themed restaurant in Georgia. It provides its staff with custom tees that they love wearing outside work too.

Events create memories, and what’s better than celebrating those with custom tees. You can offer tees for birthday celebrations, family reunions, bachelor & bachelorette, parties, etc.

In a Nutshell

T-shirts are in high demand in medical, fashion retail, and the industries we read above. However, simply offering t-shirts won’t make it successful. You need to offer personalization. A t-shirt design tool that allows customers to design their own t-shirts is the solution you need to invest in.


The demand for custom t-shirts is not limited to fashion. Industries such as hospitality, medical, non-profit, corporates also have a huge scope for custom t-shirts.

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