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4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Custom T-Shirts

Are you struggling to increase your t-shirt business? In this article, we have discussed why you should sell the custom t-shirt to increase your sales.



Growing your t-shirt business can be a mountain to climb. Whether starting it from scratch or doing it for years, it will take time, money, and loads of effort. No one wants to waste either of resources.

Apart from that, the fear of failure holds people back. However, don’t let your fear paralyze you from taking the necessary steps. If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to try the things you have never done to accomplish goals.

Here the t-shirts customization comes into the picture. T-shirts customization means you are offering t-shirts according to the requirements of your customers. So without any further ado, let’s discuss why you should sell custom t-shirts.

Why You Should Strive to Sell the Customized T-shirt?

Lets You Stand Out From the Competitors

Assume two online stores in the town. One store sells pre-designed t-shirts, and the other one lets the customer design their t-shirt.  The majority of the customers will go for the second option. On average, 36% of customers expressed an interest in buying personalized products & services.

So you see, if you offer the customization service, you have more chances to convert your potential lead into paying customer. As you are offering the customization service, it will automatically keep you ahead of the competition.

So instead of walking the crowded path, walk at the uncommon path to achieve success.

Demand for Custom T-shirts Is Increasing

There has been a massive demand for a t-shirt with slogans or movie logos, games, and TV series printed on it for the past few years. According to the research, the global custom t-shirt printing industry was valued at 3.64 billion USD in 2020. The industry will expand at the compound annual growth rate of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.

Due to such huge demand, companies use t-shirt as a part of their branding strategy to increase brand visibility and for grabbing people’s attention. T-shirt also plays a vital role in creating the social awareness, raising a voice which positively influences the market growth.

Increases Your Sales and Profit

According to Harvard Business Review, when customers can customize their products, they buy more and probably recommend the brand to their friends. So, you can simply offer a customized product to boost your sales.

Adding further, customized products doesn’t just help increase sales; it also keeps the customers satisfied. A report by Deloitte states that customers are willing to pay 20% more for the personalized product.

So, the business can charge more for the customized products and enjoy more profits.

Your Audience Can be Your Brand Ambassadors

In customization, you are letting your customers carve their product. This freedom to design will satisfy every customer’s need. Mark my words, fulfilling the need of the majority of your customers will turn them loyal to your brand.

Moreover, customers tend to share what they like with their near and dear ones. This makes your customer loyal and fruitful to your business as they can be your walking brand ambassadors.

Solution You Can Use to Sell Custom T-shirts

After discussing the above advantages, now you might be having a question – “how you can sell the custom t-shirts?”. The answer is web to print solution.  It will automate every process right from customizing the product, maintaining the workflow, and scheduling its delivery. It also comes with the inbuilt t-shirt design tool with which your customers can design the t-shirt.


If you have what customers want then it will attract them towards you. Nowadays, the best way to attract is custom t-shirts. So give them the power to show their creativity and in this journey solution like a t-shirt design tool can be your helping hand. All you need is just to take the first step to level up your business.

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