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5 Digital Wine Promotion Strategies You Need To Know



There are no surprises in wine producers and their ability to create some of the finest wines. That is when you identify a good wine. It is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages, with the United States being its largest consumer. But did you know that 78% of a winery’s revenue flows from the person who enters the tasting room? 

The business of traditional vineyards and other wineries have dwindled. Amidst the current economic downturn, most of the brunt is being borne by brands. In this present crisis, the best way to cope is through an effective marketing strategy concentrating on footfalls.

For wineries to increase their footfalls, one must explore the digital marketing avenues further to tap into a broader customer base. Unless you have a sound digital marketing plan, the task might be steeply uphill.

There are certain things that wine manufacturers can still learn from popular brands such as Merlot, and these are as follows:

Concentrate on A Brand Strategy

A solid brand strategy is often the only difference between a successful brand and a struggling one. A good plan works on the holistic development of the critical strengths and targets weak areas. This helps to ensure brand differentiation. As one can infer, brand differentiation unlocks targeted brand recognition and builds a core customer base. Therefore, a brand strategy is imperative to learn about the possible direction in which marketers work. 

Without a solid strategy, most brands miss out on a head start, which is crucial in a cutthroat market of multiple brands in the wine space.

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Personalization of Marketing Approach

To common customers, the marketing approach is of two types – sales intensive and people-intensive. Often, the error most brands commit is creating promotional campaigns that are sales oriented and not customer-oriented. 

It is vital to have a human touch to the marketing campaign and understand how customers react to the product. Brands have to incorporate a personalized touch in direct marketing channels because it helps build better customer relationships. In businesses such as wine, a loyal customer base and a good rapport with the prospective customer are crucial to ensuring brand recognition.

Forging New Experiences

For a digital marketer, wine and ancillary merchandise pose a unique challenge in a few innovation areas. Paradoxically, conforming to the conventional ways might drive away more customers than it brings through the doors. Therefore, ensure that the customer is always surprised with newer, more innovative ways of marketing the product. Indeed, they appreciate convenience and value in the wine industry. But that still leaves plenty of room for innovating newer ways of marketing your product. 

More than the wine itself, it is the experience of sipping a great wine and having a great lifestyle that are the mainstays of wine marketing. For a digital marketer, these points will help you incorporate and create newer experiences for the customer. Only then will you be able to witness a sharp turnaround of the sales volumes!

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Exploring Social Media Marketing Channels

If you haven’t been on social media yet, you probably miss out on a lot. This is not just in terms of opportunities, but the ability to connect and interact directly with a much larger prospective customer base is one of the main advantages of social media marketing. 

With the advent of social media, there is little in the way of a customer reaching the seller and vice versa. The virtual world has magnified the advantages of direct personal marketing exponentially. Uniquely utilizing social media through interesting video-based content can quickly propel your brand to the top of the industry competition. 

Not only will it increase your customer base overnight, but a clever campaign can also cement your place amongst the best of the best in the wine industry today.

Optimize Your Approach

While understanding everything about a digital marketing experience, it is also imperative that you hop in on the SEO wagon and make the most of it. Without SEO, the virtual e-commerce marketplace may not have thrived the way it manifests today. 

SEO ensures that keyword related searches match relevant websites. In such a scenario, the websites rank higher or lower based on their relevance to the search terms. The more creative your content is, and the more keywords you incorporate, the more benefits you can reap in online site traffic.

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Final Thoughts

While you are sipping your wine to the last lease, reading the tips and ways mentioned above, you must note the importance of being innovative. It is the emphasis on creating a newer experience that can add teeth to your marketing experience. Incorporating unique ideas and channels in your digital marketing ways is the key to ensuring that your brand remains a cut above the rest. So, what are you waiting for?

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