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Tips on Making the Best Desi Food Ever

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Is your search engine filled with words such as ‘Places to Order Desi Food Online’ and ‘Best Indian Restaurant’? Well, what if we tell you that you do not need anything like that to make your desi food cravings go away because you can surely cook some amazingly delicious and flavorsome desi food all by yourself!

You do not believe us? You better start believing because right now we have a guide for you that will not only give you some of the best tips and tricks on making desi food, but will also make sure that you never have to search for any restaurant when it comes to having some spicy and finger licking food!

So, let us get right to it and tell you all that we know to make the best desi food out there.

You better have your pots and pans ready

Let us start with the basics, when it comes to making traditional food that is filled with flavor and masala, one can in no way compromise on the things that are needed to cook them. For starters, you will definitely need a flat pan to make all your flat breads on that are just so very heavenly. Next you would need a deep bottom pan for all those saucy gravies. And finally, a pressure cooker will surely come in handy to speed up the cooking process for some dishes that might otherwise take long.

So, better to invest in these couple of things so that you can start on with your cooking adventures without any hassle.

Know your spice tolerance

Though desi food is known for its high level of spice and hotness, let us tell you that is surely not the only thing that matters. When you are cooking, you can surely adjust the spice level of the dish in accordance with your own spice tolerance to make sure that you are making what you can eat afterwards. It is all a matter of toning down the chili in your food to something that you can enjoy and that too while keeping the spicy side of the dish intact.

After all, what is the point of having Indian food when you yourself can not enjoy it as you should.

Do some research about what you want to cook

Like the thing with the spice goes, same goes for the taste. Surprisingly enough, Indian cuisine is divided further into numerous sub cuisines all of which have their own flavor profile as well as cooking methods. They differ in spice levels, use of ingredients, type of presentations and surely the amount of flavor jam packed in their own specific foods. And, knowing about what suits you well the most really does help you to know what you prefer to ear.

So, it really is not a bad idea to do your own research beforehand so that you can plan your cooking day accordingly.

Do not miss out on the Ghee

Okay, hear us out. You know sometimes food smells and tastes a distinct way because of one specific thing that is added inside of it? For desi food, that specific thing is ghee. And trust us, it makes all of the difference. The aroma of this traditional type of fat adds in that punch of flavor in the food that surely remains unmatched by any other type of fat that is used for cooking. You would want to skip on the butter, olive oil and even vegetable oil for cooking Indian food and skip to ghee to make sure you get that right flavor which you have been aiming for.

After all, what fun does food bring if it does not have its own secret ingredient inside of it?

Know your ingredients

There are a few ingredients that you would need to cook each and every desi food dish: ghee, onions, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic. These four things more often than not make the base of your food ready which then gets various other items added in order to make the dish that is required. So, do not forget to stock your pantry with these so that you do not have to go running to store at the last moment.

Once done, it is always a good idea to know what you would be cooking and what things would be needed so that you can get everything that is required at the right time. Spices do end up getting most of the weightage here because at the end it the spices that are used which help you make what you want to make.

And, you can always add in your meat of choice in case you do want to once your basic masala base is made. And if you want to go meat free, then you always have an option to add in whichever kind of vegetable you want to and enjoy a vegetarian desi dish in no time.

And just like that you will have the most delicious looking and tasting desi food dish right in front of you in no time. All you need to do is make sure that you follow your recipe step by step and keep on adjusting the spice according to what you like. And then you will be all good to go to perfect your skill of cooking desi cuisine and that too in the best way possible.

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