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10 Amazing YouTube Channels To Boost Your Graphic Designing Skills



In the designing world, updating and building your skills is a must. You need to polish your graphic designing skills to give your best and make financially lucrative careers out of it. All you need is a source, to keep up with the latest news and trends.

YouTube channels are an amazing source to get immense knowledge with tutorials and tips. Learning from this channel can help you to polish and boost your graphic designing skills.

Ten specific places are mentioned below that are worth spending time on.

  • Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a well known graphics designing industry. The youtube channel of this platform detailed videos on topics related to designing.

The content displayed on this youtube channel is suitable for beginners as well as advanced graphic designers. With such amazing content available on this YouTube channel, designing has become more fun and very easy than ever.

Over 370000 people have subscribed to Adobe Photoshop youtube channel.

  • Designhill 

Designhill is a creative marketplace that caters to the needs of businessmen and people related to the designing field. Designhill’s YouTube channel features in-depth tutorials on various topics ranging from tips on logo designing to calligraphy on wooden surfaces.

This YouTube channel has immense cool tips about brushing up your graphic designing skills.

Most popular video on this channel is Create your own Logo with Designhill’s logo maker tool.

  • PHLearn

PHlearn is a youtube channel filled with photography and Photoshop tutorials. The videos are designed

by experts keeping in mind the beginners as well as advanced designers.

Premium tutorials provide not only more complex knowledge and graphic designing skills, also in HD format. You can definitely polish your  designing skills with cool videos from this channel.

  • Will Paterson 

Will Paterson on his YouTube channel shares the knowledge he has gathered over years being a graphic designer. He chooses to share and impart knowledge in a fantastic and funny manner.

Designer wishes to engage viewers with the information that he delivers. Will Paterson is also a critic who does product reviews and gives amazing logo design tips to its viewers.

If you want to figure out shortcomings of logos of famous brands, check out this channel for valuable insight.

This YouTube channel is great for freshers to learn important skills and details of the design industry.

It has over 150000 subscribers and the most popular video is a handwriting tutorial.

  • Swerve Design 

Graphic designer, Swerve has the hold of Swerve Design. This channel is posts tutorials full of inspiration and provides amazing information about the photo editing process.

Swerve tutorials are modern, cartoonish and funny. This makes graphic designing fun and easy to learn. Check out this channel to build your Photoshop skills to another level.

Swerve Design features simple tips to advanced tutorials on photoshop, illustrator and motion graphics. Main attraction is the speed art videos.

This channel is regularly updated by Swerve and has over 150000 subscribers.

  • Every Tuesday 

Tesla Cunningham is a graphic designer in the design industry. YouTube videos are shared every Tuesday on this channel. Perhaps, this is how it got its name.

All new videos are posted regularly once a week.

Videos can be about How to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. Video on hand lettering has gone viral on Every Tuesday channel.

It teaches you to create certain effects in your work like-

  • Seamless pattern in the Illustrator
  • Confetti brush in Photoshop
  • Typography in Photoshop
  • Watercolour textures in Photoshop
  • Blending with metallic colour paint
  • Drop shadows

It has more than 100000 subscribers who have this opportunity to receive amazing tutorials no matter on what skill level they might be on.

  • Photo Gavin

Gavin Holy’s YouTube channel named Photo Gavin is part of his website. This channel is helpful for people who are interested in photography or might be a photographer.

This platform brings you exceptional about photography and Photoshop.

Digital marketing and photo manipulation are the topics that are highly focussed on in this channel. Video with the highest views is Time Lapse Photography tips. Further, the channel has over 250000 subscriptions.

  • Ch-Ch-Check It

This is an ideal place for learning about animation. This channel is managed by Eli and Branson. Plus, it makes you aware if trends and new ideas. Photoshop, Minecraft tutorials are posted on Ch-Ch-Check it.

Around one fourth million people have subscribed to this youtube channel.

  • Creative Station 

Creative Station features great tutorials to boost your graphic designing skills. Speed art videos are featured on the YouTube channel.

The best part for people starting out in this field is that it accepts submission from other users on speed art videos. The videos must be in HD format and with no copyright music.

  • Robert Blake 

Roberto Blake has over 1200 channels posted on his YouTube channel. These videos are based on topics like career development and social media branding. This channel was launched by Roberto in 2013.

This channel helps in building a career for people as a freelance designer. This person provides amazing knowledge on building careers.

Advices on this channel range between 2 main categories-

  • Business building advice regarding equipment or software to use.
  • Personal advice for entrepreneurs like overcoming feelings like anxiety or how to keep yourself mentally healthy.

Also, this person shares his views at events where he imparts knowledge and insights on video marketing, brand development, among other design business topics.

Over 250000 subscribers have subscribed to this channel.


The above mentioned YouTube channels are oozing with knowledge related to graphic designing. Check out the popular videos on these channels to get the best knowledge and learn the latest and trendy skills. Once you visit these sites, you will find yourself going there again and again.

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