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What to Scan in a Watch Repair Professional



When you get that dream watch; it is hard to think of watch repairs. However, the needs for the service later when you need a battery change or any other kind of repair. However, you cannot trust anyone with your piece. Besides looking at the time, you use the watch as a piece of statement jewelry. It serves as a simple way to show your style.

Sometimes, the watch is a family heritage. You need to know to whom you are entrusting your precious piece. Here are the things to scan in watch repair professionals.


No one ever rises and chooses to be a watchmaker without training. Any qualified watchmaker will not shy away to show you their certificates. The certifications have different levels. There are certificates for necessary skills. Each watchmaker should have one.

If a watch repairs expert works on timepieces full time, then they possess advanced certification. It is an indication that your watch is in good hands.


What separates a certificate holder and an expert in the skills they gain in real practice? The more a watchmaker remains in training for a long time, they perfect the art of watch repairs. You will feel safe trusting that expert with your expensive timepiece.

Reviews and Recommendations

Qualifications and experience is worth it if the watchmaker has an excellent reputation. How will you get an expert with a good reputation? The best way to get such an expert is through referrals. Also, you can review their website for customer reviews.

When you are checking for reviews online, have the wisdom to separate the real reviews from the fakes.

Cost of Repairs

When you are looking for watch repair services; you expect to spend the minimum on the best services. However, some quotes are unreasonably low. The low-key repairs are very cheap. However, you may lose your precious timepiece to unimaginable damage.

If you want to play safe, get a few quotes from trusted experts, and settle for one who gives a section within your budget.

Warranty on Repairs

Inexperience watchmakers may not be confident with their work. So, they give you an oral warranty so they can shake liability when the need arises. An expert should provide you a quote before you leave your watch with them. They will then give you

a written warranty after the service.

Replacement Parts

A great watch repairs expert should have access to the watch replacement parts market.

Otherwise, they will repair your watch with counterfeit parts that may not match with your timepiece.


Real experts should have a physical location where you can find them. However, several watchmakers offer postal services. In some instances, they will provide house watch repairs. Choose the experts with the service you feel convenient.

Time They Take to do Repairs

Quality watch repairs take at least one week to be complete. However, some quacks will give you a shorter time frame to try to attract you. Be wary of such watch repairs as they may end up damaging your valuable pieces. Many times a watch requires minor repairs. But it would help if you listened to what the watchmaker has to do. Take note of all the essential points before you sign the deal.

Final Word

Watch repair professionals handle you’re most valuable piece of art. Thus, you need to trust their skill and knowledge before you let them feel your watch. When you have the tips listed above, you will enjoy the services. You will enjoy your watch as you did when it was new.