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Top 5 Business Management Software for Small and Large Businesses




At any given point in time, whether you’re a small business or large cooperation, there will always be a litany of ongoing activities. Handling these numerous tasks can quickly become onerous, and even chaotic if care is not taken. That’s why many businesses make use of business management software to make life easier.

A Business management software is an application or product that helps manage different parts of a business, like people, operations, finance, sales, etc. More and more companies are investing in this software to boost their overall efficiency. 

Harrington Group International (HGI) specializes in designing and developing cost-effective business tools that can help accelerate business growth. In other to gain a competitive edge over your competitors, here is the five best business management software from HGI you should start using:

1) Quality Control Software

Harrington’s quality control software is a world-class software for enterprise process improvement and Enterprise Quality Management Software System. It is primarily focused on managing customers, employees, products, supply chain and services. These five components are the crucial drivers for shareholder value. 

The quality management plan that comes with this application is useful for quality monitoring. This ensures better compliance and a shorter time for product completion. Its primary applications further include audit management, training management, root cause analysis, corrective action, document control, and risk management, among many others. Moreover, it can also be applied for managing customers, assets, contacts, groups, suppliers, tasks, users and more. 

This software is perfectly suited for the needs of businesses in the manufacturing, medical device, aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceutical, government and other service industries. It can help you better manage your operations.

2) Quality Management Software Systems (QMS Software Systems)

If you’re looking to coordinate and direct business activities along the right part to meet your customers and regulatory standards, a Quality Management Software Systems is what you need. A Quality Management Software Systems is an application that provides a formalized system that enables you to manage processes, responsibilities, procedures and performance to meet business goals, as well as quality policy objectives.

Harrington’s QMS Software Systems is built in line with ISO 9001 standard, which lays out the international standard for Quality Management Systems.

However, note that not all businesses need a QMS. That’s why it’s important to first identify your company’s needs. Implementing QMS wrongly may result in loss of productivity and profits, as well as difficulty in locating documents.

When implemented in the right way, a Quality Management Software can proffer several benefits to your company by making business processes more efficient by reducing waste, eliminating unnecessary costs, and helping to identify broad business objectives. Ultimately, the right use of QMS Software Systems will yield a good return on investment.

3) Supplier Management Software

Dealing with multiple vendors can be challenging. However, this process has to be effectively managed to ensure the smooth flow of goods and services. What if this process could be automated, simplified, and centralized? That’s exactly what Supplier Management Software does. It helps enhance supplier relationship management while adhering to the best supply chain practices. 

With the Supplier Resource portal, you can seamlessly automate routine supply chain execution transactions such as purchase orders, commercial invoices and ship notices. By streamlining the procurement of inputs, goods and services, it helps to improve the efficiency of processing materials and shorten procurement cycle timeline. This leads to reduced supply costs without compromising the integrity and quality of your service.

Ultimately, Supplier Management Software provides a functional business platform that will help you eliminate risk across your supply chain. Built with a series of Key Performance Indexes (KPI), it is possible to measure vendor performance, and better monitor internal supply processes. This will help you to make informed decisions.

4) caWeb Corrective Action & Issue Management Software

Business processes are very complex. As a result, several issues inevitably arise from time to time. Being able to identify these issues and the necessary corrective actions can be the line between thriving and failing. While manual methods of issue methods were prevalent in the past, the current era offers a better option. 

CaWeb Correction Action & Issue Management Software Solution helps organizations easily identify issues, designate the team members and take the necessary actions to manage and resolve the issues. This ensures the problems can be fixed before it leads to a major disaster. 

The details concerning an issue are easily accessible to authorized personnel, anywhere, anytime. Therefore, the need for unnecessary meetings is eliminated and the saved time can be used for more productive activities. Another benefit of this system is that prevents similar problems from arising in the future. 

By minimizing errors and issues, and promptly fixing the ones that arise, you place your company in a unique position to scale through any obstacle that may arise.

5) Corrective Actions Software System – CAPA Software System

CAPA Software provides a centralized platform where you can combine all of your corrective action needs across your business so you can easily track and manage issues online from anywhere and at any time.

It allows for a systematic approach for the documentation of corrective actions. Majors issues can be well categorized. Thereafter, the responsibility for resolving them can be assigned to specific team members. Monitoring the progress of resolution is made possible by the platform. Actions taken by each team member can be easily be accessed by authorized personnel. This allows for better collaboration during the resolution process.  

Aside from just recording corrective actions, CAPA Software allows you to carry out trend analysis of Corrective Actions, which makes it easier to measure and verify the effectiveness of these actions. 

By reporting Corrective Actions in a centralized platform, tracking and managing issues become seamless. CAPA Software will also help you achieve compliance in line with the ISO 9001:2015 standard for Quality Management Services.


So, there you have it: the five best Business Management Software by HGI that you should adopt to your business. They can help you radically improve your business processes.