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These Promising Growth Stocks to Buy for the Next 10 Years



The policy is good for the market is expected to improve, the valuation of emerging sectors is expected to continue to repair, good for the steady development of leading enterprises in the industry, and promote sustainable social value innovation. As consumers and investors, they grasp the mainstream investment opportunities in the market, and pay attention to the fine molecule industry to far outperform the market throughout the year to obtain excess returns.

Anthropomorphic robot

Humanoid robots are more known as the jewel in the crown of robots. Of all robot development, humanoid robots are the most challenging in the industry. As a new era opens, Tesla humanoid robots are expected to lead the trillion-level blue ocean market. In August 2021, Tesla CEO Elon Musk first publicly displayed the humanoid robot TeslaBot on the “Artificial Intelligence Day”. In June 2022, Musk once again tweeted that the market would unveil the prototype on September 30,2022, which was exciting.

The research of humanoid robots started from the imitation of bifoot walking, and expanded to the research and development of artificial intelligence. Professor Jiro Kato from Waseda University in Japan first solved the problem of bifoot walking of humanoid robots, which has thus opened the prelude to the study of humanoid robots. In the past, robots were mainly used in the industrial and logistics fields, mainly helping to produce or carry things in factories, but Musk’s humanoid robots will combine artificial intelligence technology to enable robots to function for some people. Humanoid robots have achieved rapid development on the basis of the changing control methods and artificial intelligence technologies, and the commercial conditions are increasingly mature. Humanoid robots have huge potential for development and are expected to reach a market size of one trillion yuan by 2030.

Recommended companies: Tesla (TSLA), Baidu (BIDU), Meta (META), Green Harmonics (688017.SH), Eston (002747.SZ)

Cloud computing

With the global epidemic being effectively controlled, the cloud computing forward-looking indicators have shown a positive trend from the perspective of server-related chip shipments and mobile Internet traffic. The 5G penetration rate continues to improve, and the application expansion of C and B terminals will provide strong support for traffic growth. The “meta-universe” with VR / AR and other technologies as the bottom layer is expected to lead the further outbreak of traffic demand, and the digital transformation of enterprises is also expected to inject new development impetus into cloud computing.

Around cloud computing and other scientific and technological innovation, technology dividend brings opportunities for digital development. The change of industrial pattern in the computer field includes three main driving forces: technology (Cloud + Big Data + IoT + AI + Chain), demand (digital transformation), and environment (policy + capital). Among them, technological progress is the most direct driver of the upgrading of the development model.5G improves transmission speed, cloud computing improves computing big data capability, and the Internet of Things brings more digital possibilities, coupled with the digital acceleration brought about by the epidemic. Cloud computing demand is expected to gradually improve in the next few quarters, and investment in cloud infrastructure may gradually pick up.

Key company recommendation: Intel (INTC), Amazon (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT), Tencent (TCEHY)


After years of ups and downs in the market, the growth rate of the semiconductor industry has reached a record high, looking forward to continuous growth in 2022, or from the overall economy to structural differentiation, focusing on simulation, power plate, subdivision design leader, etc. According to the WSTS forecast, global semiconductor sales in 2021 are about 550.9 billion yuan, up 25% year on year, and WSTS expects semiconductor sales to continue to grow 10% year on year to $606.5 billion in 2022. The growth rate of the semiconductor industry reached a historical high in 2020 Q3. From the perspective of monthly sales, the sales volume of the semiconductor market bottomed out and picked up from mid-2019. In the first half of 2020, it stagnated due to the impact of the epidemic, and the growth was further accelerated in 2021.

In August 2021, the year-on-year sales growth rate has reached the peak level of the last business cycle (year-on-year growth rate of about 30%). Expected sales with local policies are boosting demand for premium semiconductor products, and the proximity of Apple’s new phone launch season has helped boost confidence. In this regard, about the logic of semiconductor investment, high-performance semiconductors will usher in an opportunity.

Recommended for key companies: TSMC (TSM), American Ultra Micro Company (AMD), WiMi Holgram Cloud(WIMI), Nvidia (NVDA), Qualcomm (QCOM)

New Energy

Although new energy is often discussed, it is actually a big concept. In addition to the new energy vehicles that have been hot, photovoltaic hydropower, wind power, solar power and these energy systems are also the category of new energy. Up to now, the growth rate of national electricity consumption is higher than that of GDP, and the proportion of new energy generation has huge room to increase. According to CICC, by 2030, new energy installations such as wind power and solar power will account for more than 50% and nearly 30%; by 2050, new energy generation will account for more than 70%. The global new energy industry chain has now entered the stage of rapid growth. Generally speaking, the development potential of the new energy sector is unlimited!

Recommended companies: Pratt Energy (PLUG) Bloom Energy (BE), SUNRUN (RUN), Fuel cell Energy (FCEL)


With the support of capital, policy and terminal market, the focus on the main track of high growth, and more and more companies dare to challenge the high-end market, have promoted the rapid development of related industries. It is not difficult to predict that with such much enterprise investment, breakthroughs will be made in technology, and talents will accumulate a lot of relevant experience. In this context, looking forward to the second half of the year, it is suggested that investors pay attention to the main track of high growth to grasp the relevant investment opportunities, and those high growth segment leader in the emerging industry track, whether in the short and medium term are good.

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