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The Reason Why Everyone Loves Qualtrics



If you’ve used a survey tool for your business, you know that Qualtrics can be powerful. Its customer service is outstanding, its functionality is excellent, and its integration with Thematic is great. But is Qualtrics worth the price? Read on to find out. Here are the reasons why. Also, please read our review of Qualtrics pricing to understand better what you should expect.

Customer service

The best customer service comes from a company that genuinely cares about its customers. They will always do everything they can to give their customers the best experience possible. This includes acknowledging their mistakes and doing the right thing to remedy the problem. Customer service can be tricky, but there are ways to make it easier for yourself. Here are a few customer service tips:

Ensure your team understands and values the feedback they receive from customers. Training your agents on current products and services is important to provide great customer service. Ensure that they have relevant training and are ready to address any questions your customers may have. And remember, the more engaged your agents are, the more satisfied your customers will be! You’ll also gain more insight into your business and be better able to provide the best customer service possible.

Great functionality

The Customer Experience (CX) module offers deep visibility into metrics and a longitudinal view of dashboard data. This lets you visualize priority metrics and engage customers on their preferred platform. You can also capture feedback across multiple channels, including social media. For example, Qualtrics’ social listening capability allows you to use surveys to determine the effectiveness of social media marketing. The company’s Customer Experience (CX) features include a comprehensive report of key customer behaviors and satisfaction and a dashboard to track and analyze the data.

With more than twice as many features as similar solutions, Qualtrics can be used to improve all aspects of a customer experience initiative. It also offers great dashboarding capabilities, statistical analysis, customization, and self-service tools. However, despite the great features, Qualtrics has several downsides. In addition to a somewhat difficult learning curve, it isn’t as easy to set up advanced projects as other solutions.

Integration with Thematic

Integration with Thematic in Qualtrics lets companies analyze text feedback to find themes and uncover sentiments. This feature helps companies better understand their customers at every meaningful moment. Qualtrics has two leading solutions for open-ended responses, TextIQ and Thematic. While both solutions have their pros and cons, the latter is much more flexible, powerful, and costs less. Thematic will also save your team time and effort, as both solutions work to organize feedback in one place and automate analysis.

As far as integration goes, Qualtrics is very easy to use. It can assist you in designing your surveys and enables personalization. Several features are available for free. On the other hand, Thematic is more comprehensive and doesn’t focus on survey creation. It offers centralized feedback analysis, including an in-product NPS survey. Additionally, it automates the tagging of VoC responses.


Pricing is one of the most important aspects of any product or service, and Qualtrics makes it easy to create a data-driven pricing model. With powerful conjoint optimization projects, Qualtrics enables you to target and study your market with the greatest degree of precision. As a result, you can make more informed business decisions by clearly showing the customer’s willingness to pay. This software can even simulate real-world pricing scenarios.

Another advantage of Qualtrics is its robust data platform. It is intuitive, interactive, and powerful and integrates seamlessly with its other modules. Its data collection capabilities can leverage operational and experience data to produce mature insights. Although Qualtrics offers many advantages, the main reason for its low popularity is the price. The software is not appropriate for all businesses and organizations. Rather, boutique research firms and individual researchers are not the best fit for Qualtrics.

Exporting data

The best thing about Qualtrics is that it allows you to export data to various formats, including SPSS and the Qualtrics API. To export your survey data to SPSS, you can visit the Data & Analysis tab in your Qualtrics account and select the appropriate format. Next, select the type of file you wish to export, and then click Export. To export to SPSS, click the More Options tab and tick Recode unanswered questions to -99.

Once you’ve created the survey, you can use the integrated platform to enter your questions and create a link to send to your targeted audience. These people will then answer your questions, which you can export to Excel or a PDF file. Once you’ve compiled the results, you can review your results using the data tables Qualtrics automatically prepares and exports. It’s that easy!