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The Number of Global Crypto Users May Reach 1 billion by the End of 2022. Can I Still Participate in Mining Now?



In 2022, El Salvador announced that Bitcoin could circulate in the country as legal tender and could be used for everyday payments and transactions. The move has wakened the countries around the world and they no longer ignore the growing public interest in the crypto industry, with some developing countries taking a “friendlier stance” towards it.

Looking back to 2021, the global cryptocurrency population grew by 178 percent, from 106 million in January to 295 million by December, according to a report from reported on Jan 21. BTC was driven with growth in the second half of the year as Tesla and Mastercard started to allow crypto payments and marketed Bitcoin in 2021, predicts, “If we extrapolate that the number of crypto users will grow at a similar rate in 2022 to 2021, then by the end of 2022 it will reach 1 billion.”

In the current crypto market fluctuations, how to better invest in cryptocurrencies and reduce investment risks? As we all know, there are two ways to get bitcoins, one is to buy coins, the other is to mine. Compared to investors speculating in currency, who may face the increasing investment risk due to the volatility of the market, Bitcoin mining is more of a long-term investment, it is relatively stable, the mining cost is also much lower. To mine one bitcoin, you only need the cost that is equivalent to 1/2 of the market price of a BTC, with the low mining cost you can easily earn 2 times income. Even if the currency’s price fluctuates wildly, bitcoin miners can always choose to hold the coin they mined and sell when the price rises and restores. For bitcoin miners, participating in bitcoin mining is always been profitable.

Crypto mining is the process of verifying transactions in various forms of cryptocurrency and adding them to the blockchain, also known as the distributed ledger. Without crypto mining, there would be no Bitcoin, no Ethereum. Crypto mining forms the basis of distributed ledger technology. There is no way to replace it yet, so it will remain a vibrant industry even if it faces some tough environments.

If you want to start cryptocurrency mining, it is necessary to layout in advance. For miners who do not have much investment amount in hand and are worried about mining risks, you can choose cloud hash power to reduce investment risks. Rock Hash platform currently provides cloud mining products in BTC, ETH, FIL, and other currencies, providing miners with a variety of cycle options, qualified mining machines with high hash power, improving the mining output. Rock Hash cloud hash power allows users to participate in mining with dozens of dollars, as low as, with low mining threshold, no charge on electricity, it is suitable for new miners with not much investment amount or want to lower the investment risks.

Rock Hash is the world’s leading hash power trading platform, has been in safe and stable operation for 3 years, with strong capital strength, solid technical support, powerful supply chain resources, provide one-stop comprehensive mining services for hundreds of thousands of users around the world. It has invested in the construction of a total of 8 large-scale investment mines, throughout Europe, the United States, and other continents, managing mining machines of 100,000 units, is committed to providing comprehensive hash power trading services for global users.

If you are interested to learn more about cloud mining, you can visit the Rock Hash official website to contact customer service, they will provide one-on-one exclusive customer service.

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