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On July 26, 2022, the 2g Carbon Coin token was listed on the CEX and precisely on the TOKPIE exchange, which reached a record price on the DEX and above all a world-leading market cap.

Various media and analysts have already talked about 2GCC (this is the ticker of the 2G CARBON COIN). More unique than the rare case, listed on the DEX last 8 July 2022, 2G Carbon Coin has reached a value 5 times higher than Ethereum and seems destined to give even Bitcoin a hard time.

$2GCC is minted on Binance Smart Chain, the blockchain born from Binance, the giant and undisputed king of Crypto exchanges. This is a BEP-20 utility token, created by a Tunisian group with a subsidiary in Switzerland, whose core business is the refining of second-generation bioethanol. With 2G Carbon Coin the group intends to revolutionise, simplify and make the Carbon Credits trading process more transparent, bringing it to the blockchain.

The project is built on solid foundations. Much. In fact, the group already has an advantage, having 76.5 million Carbon Credits in its portfolio, thanks to its own agricultural sector with a cultivation that extends over 100,000 hectares in El Hamma, Tunisia. A current value in the portfolio of around 1.5 billion of Carbon Credits which makes the project stable, credible and above all long-lasting.

This explains the huge response received in DEX markets which has made the token soar to over $7,000 in about 15 days and a market capitalization of over 400 trillion depending on the liquidity minted.

However, we read on the website that 90% of the liquidity is on a Burn Wallet or destined to be “burned” if the value of the token remains at these levels (today we are at about $ 4,500).

The project has an intrinsic algorithm that plans the rarity or a deflationary principle of the token. In fact, the $ 2GCC token utility is backed with real Carbon Credits that can be redeemed by burning the tokens. A mechanism therefore that provides for a progressive reduction over time of the liquid mass and therefore the progressive value taking of the $2GCC.

A project that has the classic win-win factors.

  1. The increasingly rich market of Carbon Credits, which many analysts believe to be the eldorado comparing it to the gold and silver market.
  2. The initial solidity of the project with over 1.5 Billions worth in Carbon Credits backed to the tokens
  3. A deflationary principle that tends to progressively reduce liquidity in relation to the Carbon Credits issued.
  4. No transaction fees.

A similar project is that of CLEANCARBON. For now listed only in DEX, CARBO (this is the ticker) is worth about $ 0.038 for a supply of 500 million from which derives a market cap of 19 million dollars. Good liquidity (around $ 370,000) guarantees stability and credibility of this BEP-20 token, also minted on BSC.

The Cleancarbon project is based on the implementation of a pilot project which involves the construction of an industrial plant in Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, which allows the conversion of waste into clean energy and hydrogen.

The main advantages of the Cleancarbon project are:

  1. Full carbon conversion
  2. No Toxic residuals
  3. No fire and no smoke
  4. Removes toxicity
  5. Highest energy recovery
  6. Compliant with regulations
  7. Efficient and 100% green

The particular attention to the DAO of this project, with a voting platform and community orientation, makes it particularly attractive for the crypto investor and for blockchain lovers, unlike 2G Carbon Coin whose management and logic still appear too little transparent as well as centralised. 

Also interesting is the management of the CARBO treasury, 40% oriented towards Stablecoins staking, 30% investment in gems, or start-ups that can guarantee large profits together with a high risk, 30% in Crypto trading.

In general, more and more crypto gems are minted on projects with a particular attention to the climate. However, it will be the ability to support the market that will determine which of these can constitute, beyond a purely speculative instrument, a successful project.


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