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Skin Rejuvenation is now more accessible, with NO FACE’s proprietary compound Reversinol



Compared to Retinol, Reversionol does not cause skin irritation, which makes skin rejuvenation and cell regeneration accessible to even those people who have sensitive skin.

Reversinol is a proven vitamin A molecule that delivers promising outcomes to those looking for retinol alternatives when lab results and consumer trial results are combined.

NO FACE is a high-impact skincare company that after years of research has come up with its proprietary compound Reversinol which reaches high conversion rates compared to Retinol. This has been made possible by its proven vitamin A compound.

It is true that Retinol has long been the gold standard in dermatology and professional skin care products for its capacity to regenerate cells and rejuvenate the skin. 

However, the users of Retinol sometimes report irritation, intense redness, and itchiness.

The newer Reversinol compounds in ACTIVITA and NO FACE Dermatology Science Formula products contain active vitamin A derivatives that are similar to Retinol but convert to Retinoic acid at a much faster rate while also reducing irritation.

Retinoic acids can help the skin’s cellular regeneration speed up, making it appear smoother and less blemished overall. 

When compared to 1 percent Retinol, the 1 percent Reversinol in ACTIVITA A provides an 18.1 times higher conversion rate to retinoic acid in the skin environment. Over 89 percent of voluntary study participants were satisfied with their results, compared to 56 percent with standard Retinol. The trial participants are said to have seen a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles of over 22% and a reduction in pigmentation of 36%.


NO FACE is a forward-thinking, impact-focused skincare line designed for people of all ages and skin types. NO FACE was founded in Australia, and all of its products are extensively studied and tested in laboratories to address global aesthetic concerns. Dermatologists, beauticians, artists, athletes, and skincare enthusiasts all over the world trust NO FACE. NO FACE defies convention and improves skincare for all ages and generations.


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