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Second Annual Conscious Choice Awards: A Celebration of Innovators and Visionaries



Welcome to the Second Annual 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards, hosted by the captivating duo, Billy and Elisabeth Carson. This year’s ceremony promises to be an exhilarating event with the addition of Giorgio Tsoukalos as host, joining a roster of extraordinary leaders and thinkers who are shaping the future across various domains. 

The awards recognize remarkable individuals who have contributed significantly to their fields and communities, highlighting their groundbreaking work and visionary insights. 

Let’s delve into the profiles of our distinguished nominees:

Podcast Hosts

  • Erin Lyons: Known for her engaging discussions on personal development, Erin captivates her audience with transformative insights.
  • Alex Ferrari: Alex explores deep spiritual enlightenment, connecting his listeners with profound spiritual truths.
  • Shawn Ryan: With a background in security and the military, Shawn provides unique perspectives on global security issues.
  • Roderick Martin: A keen investigator of conspiracy theories, Roderick challenges conventional views with his critical examinations.
  • Sean Kelly: Sean explores the dynamic relationship between technology and societal norms, providing thoughtful analysis on tech’s impact on society.

Space Anomaly Hunters

  • Martine Graney: An advocate for transparency, Martine pushes for open sharing of space exploration findings.
  • Rami Bar Ilan: Specializing in aerial phenomena, Rami’s work helps expand our understanding of the unknown.
  • Avi Loeb: Celebrated for his research into interstellar objects, Avi enhances our cosmic comprehension with each study.
  • Neville Thompson: Focused on data from space missions, Neville works diligently to uncover new celestial anomalies.

Television Hosts

  • Regina Meredith: Regina offers viewers enlightening alternative perspectives on spirituality and health.
  • Jimmy Church: Delving into the realm of the paranormal, Jimmy explores mysteries that captivate his audience.
  • Nick Pope: An expert on extraterrestrial life, Nick shares compelling theories and evidence.
  • Brad Olsen: An adventurer at heart, Brad reveals the secrets of Antarctica through his engaging narratives.
  • King Simon: A master of numerology, King Simon enlightens viewers with his deep understanding of numerical influences.

Social Media Influencers

  • This category includes inspirational figures like @shwetasinghkirti, @lawofattractionlive, @princelea, @officialralphsmart, and @merkabah13, who empower their followers with motivational content across various digital platforms.

Spiritual Leaders

  • Sadhguru: Offers profound wisdom on existential questions, guiding thousands in their spiritual journeys.
  • Michael B. Beckwith: A proponent of spiritual openness, Michael inspires personal growth and fulfillment.
  • Doctah B Sirius: Focuses on holistic health and natural wellness, advocating for integrated health approaches.
  • Cortney Kane Sides: Known for her spiritual artwork and readings, Cortney brings beauty and insight into the spiritual world.
  • Bruce H. Lipton: Explores the intriguing nexus of science and spirituality, helping people understand the impact of their beliefs on their health.


  • Zeek (New Era): Uses technology to enhance educational initiatives, making learning accessible to all.
  • Dr. Daniel Amen: A champion of mental wellness, Dr. Amen advocates for better brain health through innovative practices.
  • Chakabars: Works towards social change and health improvements, focusing on community empowerment.
  • Tim Storey: Known for his uplifting motivational speeches, Tim inspires transformative change in individuals across the globe.
  • Communities in Schools: Dedicated to enhancing educational outcomes, this organization works tirelessly to support students.


  • Artists like Londrelle, Trevor Jackson, Ras Kass, Gorilla Tek, DAX, and Donny Arcade, who integrate themes of mindfulness, spirituality, and deep historical narratives into their music, transforming the musical landscape with each performance.


  • Zohar Entertainment, Sid Goldberg, Caroline Cory, and 3rd Phase of the Moon produce captivating content ranging from historical mysteries to metaphysical explorations and UFO documentaries, thrilling audiences worldwide.

Health & Wellness Experts

  • Mike Rashid, Dr. Tara Swart, Tana Amen, Dr. Patrick Porter, and Dr. Joe Dispenza offer groundbreaking insights into the integration of physical and mental health, using innovative methods to enhance wellbeing.


  • Gven Sariol, Richard Merritt, Kika Wise, Robert Grant, and Tay & Felicia Sweat lead in sustainable business practices, technological innovations, wellness industries, and holistic health.


  • Paul Wallis, Matthew LaCroix, Mohamed Ibrahim, Graham Hancock, and Christopher Dunn delve into ancient texts, history, and advanced technologies, enriching our understanding of past civilizations.


  • Giorgio Tsoukalos, Hugh Newman, Nassim Haramein, Brien Foerster, and Linda Moulton Howe are renowned for their research into ancient knowledge, alien phenomena, and ancient technologies.

Join us in celebrating these extraordinary individuals by casting your vote for your favorite nominees and securing your tickets to the Second Annual 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards. This event not only recognizes outstanding achievements but also serves as a vibrant gathering of minds passionate about creating a better future. 

For more information on voting and purchasing tickets, please visit the 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards website.

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