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Rock Hash Online Benefits – Trade to Win DCC Airdrops!



On October 16, 2021, the ROCK HASH official website was launched. The new official website adopts a brand-new UI design, launches new products, new functions, and new services to give users a more convenient platform experience.

To celebrate the new launch of the official website, ROCK HASH officially planned a 30-day online welfare event. Through four major welfare activities, global users will join the ROCK HASH carnival.

ROCK HASH launches welfare activities

After ROCK HASH goes online, many benefits are introduced to attract new users and to feedback old users . 

Benefit 1: Buy any product to get DCC as a gift

During the activity, users can enjoy airdrop DCC when buying a full range of ROCK HASH products.

Benefit 2: Register to win value-added products

During the activity, new users will be presented with the BTC shared server 180-day computing power products for free after registration (free of electricity charge).

Benefit 3: Invite to win DCC

During the activity, the invitation code will be automatically generated in “account settings” when the user completes registration. The user can use the invitation code to invite others to register accounts. If the number of the invited people reaches the specified number, the corresponding DCC reward will be given.

Activity description:

Invite friends directly at Level 1.

The number of the invited registrants must be ≥5 so as to obtain the corresponding rewards.

When inviting others to register accounts, new users need to fill in the invitation code of the inviter, otherwise the number of new invitees will not be counted.

The number of DCC presented in the table is the total number, including the value corresponding to the total number of previous invitees.

During the activity, registration of false users, click farming, virtual IP registration and other behaviors shall be prohibited. Once found, the account will be permanently canceled immediately.

Reward distribution: Distributed immediately (after system review)

Activity Award:

*The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to ROCK HASH.


Rock Hash is the world’s leading computing power trading platform. Headquartered in Singapore, it has operated safely and stably for 3 years.With excellent capital strength, solid technical support and abundant supply chain resources, it provides one-stop comprehensive mining services for hundreds of thousands of users around the world to meet the diversified needs of users.

Here is the link to the ROCK HASH official website for anyone who is interested in BTC mining:

More welfare activities are available on the ROCK HASH official website, come and start your digital currency journey with one click~

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