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Power Storage Solutions launched in India



In several developing nations, power outages are commonplace, whether in residential or business sectors. Su-vastika, one of India’s most promising power storage and power start-up companies, is leading the charge and transforming the power backup storage sector in the country. But, in a country like India, where power outages and power cuts occur more frequently than in developed economies, how did Su-vastika bring this much-needed change? 

How Su-vastika led the way 

The answer lies in the hard work and the path paved by Su-vastika’s mentor Mr. Kunwer Sachdev. Kunwer Sachdev is called The Solar Man of India and Inverter Man of India. He is one of India’s most respected entrepreneurs, known for his contribution to expanding the inverter and solar technologies in the country. He is the founder of one of India’s most well-known inverter brands, i.e., Su-Kam. After Su-Kam was liquidated, the brand was taken away from Kunwer Sachdev, and he was forced to leave Su-Kam. Today he is mentoring start-up Su-vastika, which is built on a new thought as far as technology is concerned.

Due to his efforts, India has finally been introduced to Energy Storage Systems or ESS. The energy from the electric grid or any other renewable energy source is stored in these rechargeable battery systems, which then release when needed. The  Energy Storage System, or ESS, developed by Su-vastika, is a rechargeable battery system that stores energy from the electric grid or any renewable energy source and provides that energy back when needed. The primary component of an ESS is a LiFePO4-based Lithium-ion battery.

The superior static switches used in this patent technology by Su-vastika’s ESS system minimize switching time to just 2 to 5 milliseconds, quick enough to prevent a computer and most sensitive equipment from resetting. This makes it an ideal alternative to generators and lead-acid battery-based home UPS/inverters. 

Providing a never seen before high energy storage capabilities, faster switch time, negligible maintenance costs, zero pollution, long-lasting batteries for lifelong usage, and an insane amount of power ideal for large commercial and industrial spaces, ESS is a solution that is finally taking the industry away from non-renewable energy based solutions such as diesel towards a solution that is based on renewable source of energy- the sun.

A leading power backup and storage solution provider

Founded by Khusbhoo Sachdev, Su-vastika is fast becoming one of India’s top power backup and storage solutions providers.

Su-vastika’s LiFePO4-based UPS is miles away from traditional UPS. Su-vastika’s UPS is offered in a variety of power configurations to meet your load-specific power backup needs. It undergoes rigorous quality control, including Automated Testing Zig, and is backed by a strong after-sales support network and warranty to provide you with a limitless energy supply for life. 

It ensures an adaptive Performance using ATC, making it an ideal power backup solution for even harsh weather conditions. This means that when there is a temperature change, the user can select the appropriate charging stage thanks to the presence of a smart ATC. Therefore, whereas a generic battery may cease charging as the temperature rises, the Su-vastika premium UPS series with ATC will continue to charge. For maximum charging efficiency, the Su-vastika Premium UPS with ATC’s Generation Four microprocessor performs the charging process in six thoughtful steps.

Another of their innovative products (Emergency Rescue Device/ERD) is making days of becoming stuck in an elevator without a way out and experiencing claustrophobia a thing of the past.  This is only made possible by Su-vastika’s latest innovation, ERD, a world-class power storage solution to solve the lift’s power failure problem. 

The existing ARD technology, Automatic Rescue Device, only starts when the elevator stops, activates after 30 to 60 seconds, and can only carry you to the next floor and open the door. When the input power source or mains power fails, the Emergency Rescue Device (ERD), an electronic and electrical device, provides emergency power to the elevators with a 3-phase power supply. 

By providing power stored in batteries through a specialized Power Bank, it will offer almost immediate protection from input power interruptions. Using ERD instead of ARD will ensure a smooth operation on battery power without any jerks, as there will no longer be a break in power. 

Since it is a pure sine wave and the frequency is exactly 50Hz, the power quality provided by the ERD is superior to that provided by the electricity providers. Compared to the utility supplier, even the voltage provided has excellent stability.

Serving India’s energy needs

Fuelled by constant innovation, highlighted by the filling of patents with over 60 already filed and 6 granted, Su-vastika is transforming India’s power backup storage sector, which has even helped it secure the recognition of India’s highest governing body, The Government of India. At a time when power cuts have become a reality in many developing countries, Su-vastika’s environmentally friendly energy storage solution is paving the way for the country to brighter times ahead.

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