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Know why animal welfare is important and a few domains, essential for animal welfare.



Year after year we may come across companies and brands that produce and make products that in some way or the other harm the environment and pose as a huge problem for the animals; because many of the products that these companies sell are either made from animals’ skin or are derived from these innocent souls. This is a huge concern in today’s life and age as we deal with already a growing number of problems around the world; saving animals from such cruel activities that companies engage in just for the sake of business is also essential. Animals Prestiges is one of the top pet products firm from the US that stands tall against all such activities and creates and promotes products that work for the comfort and wellbeing of animals through their e-commerce brand.

Speaking about animal welfare, it is all about the quality of life that is experienced by an animal and also encompasses how well the animal is trying to cope with his/her current situations and surroundings. Animal Prestiges is one of those brands in the market that believes that animal welfare is hugely affected by the relationships humans have with the furry souls. The brand advocates for animal welfare and believes in treating all animals and pets responsibly, humanely and respectfully.

The team behind Animal Prestiges explains that animal welfare is of utmost importance in today’s world because unfortunately, there are so many animals out there living a life of suffering. They are used as mere things in the market for different industries like food, entertainment, fashion, medicine, scientific advancement and even as exotic pets. Just like human beings, animals deserve to have a good and happy life, where they can enjoy the environment, play and live a healthy life. This was why Animal Prestiges was created to make products that could give animals and pets utmost comfort and ease, enriching their lives with their thoughtful products.

There are five domains of animal welfare, which includes all the aspects of animal wellbeing.

• Health: Factors that lead to their better health through the absence of injury, diseases, etc., must be focused on.
• Mental health: They must be taken care of by helping them stay in positive environments, which must give them comfort, pleasure and vitality, reducing their fears, hunger, frustration, etc.
• Good nutrition: People and organizations must enable animals’ access to balanced, clean and sufficient food.
• Behaviour: Factors like providing new and engaging environmental challenges through exploration playing, retreating, etc. must be focused on.
• Environment: Animals deserve an environment where they feel good about everything, playing in a positive environment, where they can grow faster and better, giving them ample comfort.

Animal Prestiges works for the betterment of animals by collaborating with NGOs that support animal welfare and works for their wellbeing. Most importantly, through the brand, they also donate a huge percentage of the revenue for their welfare.