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“Working hard and smart with lots of dedication will surely lead to success,” says Jem Bourouh, CEO of Adcubator, a marketing agency, and eCom Incubator, an education company. This passionate individual from Germany has grown his business from the ground up and hopes to show young startups the secrets to success.


For most young people around the world, youthfulness is nothing more than making the most out of life through exorbitant pleasure and carefree decisions. However, the same cannot be said for Jem, a 23-year-old already making big moves and achieving milestones through his e-commerce brand, Adcubator. 

Jem has had lots of experience and also acquired marketing skills which he intends to teach like-minded youngsters through mentorship in his education company, eCom Incubator.

Being a full-stack marketer, Jem clearly knows his onions, and together with his team, the sky is undoubtedly the takeoff ground. This expertise has earned him a number of admirable feats. It has made him one of the most reputable content creators in the e-commerce space, and other mind-blowing results from all that dedication and smart work are showing off by the day.


Like every successful millionaire globally, Jem believes that on the path to success, failure is not an option because if you keep your eye focused on the goal and keep trying, success will come. 

Scaling businesses to 7-8 figures on a regular basis through his marketing model can only attract more confidence in his craft which is a strong attribute that Jem possesses. This award-winning e-commerce guru does not plan to stop as he envisions building a unicorn brand in the future, known globally for its products.

Giving back to society through selfless endeavors is part of the ways to feel accomplished, amongst others. Jem is actively taking steps in that regard to ensure that his experience guides his mentees, thereby saving them costly mistakes that could have easily been averted.

Starting his e-commerce brand with little or no success, in the beginning, could have meant a lot of things to him but not quitting. Extreme focus and discipline helped pave the way, and shortly after, his hard work began to pay off. 

The importance of thinking outside the box cannot be over-emphasized in business, and this is part of a problem-solving mechanism he hopes to imbibe in individuals tutored under his mentorship. 


According to his favorite quote which says, “Comfort breeds complacency,” Jem and his team have continued to strive to remain relevant in their craft. Yet, he categorically states that his goals are tied to results and not financial rewards.

To maintain focus and skyrocket productivity, Jem believes that expelling the habits of a regular undetermined individual is crucial because business success is correlated directly with how you are as a person.

This mindset has set this young entrepreneur apart from ordinary “low success” entrepreneurs who are just doing it for money and has also caught the attention of success-hungry entrepreneurs who actively look up to him for inspiration.

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