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From the Airforce to Meta: Adam Vaughan on Travel, Diversity, and the Future



Travel blogs have been around for a number of years now, however, they have not lost their relevance. More recent social media platforms, like TikTok, have become a hub for travel influencers and ‘vloggers’ to unpack their travel experiences and become virtual guides for destinations. Whilst travel blogs are enriching for consumers, they are also beneficial for the travel industries and the countries they document. In fact, research stipulates that travel blogs act as an inexpensive, and often free, form of authentic and organic feedback for destinations. Authentic retellings of travel experiences are often the most effective way to garner interest for travel hubs, resorts, and various other sectors within the hospitality industry. 

Adam Vaughan is an Air Force veteran and aspiring travel blogger who has already established an authentic following for his travel related content. Through his career, Vaughan has been able to travel around the globe and experience rich and dynamic cultures. 

Adam Vaughan on Travel, Diversity, and his Future

Vaughan entered the AF in 1998 and was introduced to the world of travel while there. He was deployed shortly after 9/11 and began his journey around the globe.  Vaughan states that, “Throughout all my deployments to the worst areas in the world, I grew an appreciation for those who had far less, those that were affected, and those that had nothing like we had.” Through his exposure to parts of the world that he had not previously entirely understood, Vaughan was able to develop a nuanced relationship with the global community. This allowed his empathy to grow. It also heightened his excitement for exploring new countries and cultural landscapes. Vaughan further adds that his time in the Air Force, “made me want to travel and experience all that the world had to offer and immerse myself in learning about different cultures.” With the Air Force, Vaughan was able to visit countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, and Germany. Since working for the Air Force, Vaughan has begun working with Facebook as a global operations manager. This has further allowed him to travel and experience even more parts of the world. Vaughan states that he would never commit to a career where travel was not an integral part. 

Vaughan’s goals for the future are to build a brand that is centered around travel and exploration. He has already established a following on Instagram, where he posts regular updates of his travel experiences. He does this to create a visual journal of his expeditions, but also to provide his followers with a view into the world. He hopes that this inspires more people to travel as much as they can, and experience diverse and unexpected cultures and lifestyles. Vaughan plans to launch a detailed travel blog, where he details his travel experiences, provides travel recommendations, and curates interesting travel related content. He envisions himself becoming an advocate and an ambassador for the travel industry. 

Through his travels, Vaughan has been exposed to a very diverse array of people and cultures. This has allowed him to develop a deep passion for human rights. He believes that essential human rights should be afforded to anyone, regardless of gender, age, and sexuality. Vaughan states that, “diversity and inclusion are something I have been involved in within my role at Meta, and I strive to educate people on how we need to do better in the corporate environment with regards to this.” By curating a travel blog, Vaughan will be able to enlighten western viewers with lifestyles and cultures that are so separate to their own. This may serve as a way to bridge barriers, and increase visibility for marginalized and, often unrepresented, communities. 

Final Thoughts

Travel blogs have been able to maintain their relevance and prominence in contemporary media despite an evolution in the way that consumers consume their content. The travel industry has greatly benefited from the authenticity of travel blogs and their documentation of unique and interesting aspects of each country or destination. Similarly, the hospitality industry is also indebted to travel bloggers for highlighting specific institutions. Adam Vaughan is a seasoned traveler, and has used his dynamic understanding of the global community to create authentic content for his social media. In the future, Vaughan hopes to begin his travel blog and continue to document and highlight global cultures and destinations.