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Does Technology Make Us Feel Safe



Technology advancement has significantly revolutionized how we live, work, interact, and much more. The world is rapidly becoming more interconnected with the ease of information sharing possible today. Inventions such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing are just some of the examples of technology’s endless capabilities.

However, even as technology improves lives, it also comes with a number of drawbacks. Cybercrimes continue to be rampant, and most people continue to wonder about their safety and that of their information.

The truth is that as cybercriminals take advantage of system loopholes to cause havoc, technological advancements are working to improve the security and efficiency of our systems and lives.

Here are some ways technology is making us feel safe.

  1.     VPNs are securing online activity

As remote working becomes a common way of modern working, most of us love the comfort of working from public spaces such as the library and coffee shops. The idea of using free Wi-Fi being more enticing in a bid to save a few coins on internet costs.

Nevertheless, these networks are usually unsecured, making them enticing to malicious people as well. These people can easily eavesdrop on what is going on online, making our information vulnerable.  

Thankfully, the invention of VPNs can make us feel safe again. Just connect to the internet via a reliable VPN such as NordVPN and it creates a safe tunnel for the information to pass through. It encrypts data such that no unauthorized eye can read it. ( You can read this NordVPN review if you’d like to know more.) 

  1.     Network monitoring tools are keeping attacks at bay

Our organizations rely on network systems to get work done. A system failure or downtime can cause delays in processes, which can be costly to an organization. That’s why network monitoring is essential in capturing network performance problems at their initial stages. Besides that, network monitoring tools can detect a malware attack on the system and send alerts for a quick response. Other tools are designed to detect threats and take action to get rid of them.

Now with a raspberry pi, you can create your own network monitoring sensor on a budget. You can combine a raspberry Pi4 with Zeek NSM to come up with a network security monitoring tool that can help you keep your networks secure from threats.

  1.     Facial recognition and fingerprints sensor changing devices access

Passwords provide a traditional way of limiting access to our devices and systems. However, they are vulnerable and we must enhance security around them and keep them private. Thankfully, technological advancements have brought about other safer ways to unlock our devices. For instance, many devices now are equipped with fingerprint sensors and facial recognition scans.

Besides using this on your devices, you can use the same for online banking and on smart door locks among other places. Hackers and malicious people can get a hold of your password, but they can never copy your facial features or fingerprint.

  1.     Smart homes are enhancing home safety and security

Technological advancements aren’t only making our devices safer, they are also doing so for our homes. If you are the type that forgets to lock the door or switch off electronic devices when leaving your house, you no longer have to go back and check.

Now, with smart devices and smart door locks connected to a network on your phone, the safety and security of your home are just a few clicks away. You just check the condition of your home through your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Smart security systems send you alerts with video evidence of attempted break-ins, making your home feel safe in your absence.

  1.     Multi-Factor authentication securing online banking

If malicious people get your login credentials to your online banking platform, there is no limitation of what they can do with your account. However, with multi-factor authentication, these people are stopped in their tracks and can’t get anywhere near your account. This technology requires a user to provide more than one verification factor to gain entry into an application. For instance, you can link your phone number to your account. When you provide your login credentials, a verification code is sent to your phone. You only get access to your account after you enter that code correctly.


Malicious people are always sharpening their wits to attack their victims unaware. However, as illustrated above, technological advancements are a game-changer and are beating them at their own game.  We only need to stay alert and put up the required security measures to keep our information and our lives safer.