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Aircraft Electrification Market Analysis, Business Development, Size, Share, Trends, Future Growth, Forecast to 2030



Global Aircraft Electrification Market– Overview

Global Aircraft electrification market size was $6.0 billion in 2021, and is predicted to grow to a value of more than $20 billion by 2030, recording a growing CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of over 14.3% from 2022 to 2030.

Aviation organizations are currently confronted with the challenge of planning airplane to meet execution and effectiveness needs. Needs that are predominately moulded by worldwide states as they work to decrease CO2 discharges and oil reliance. In order, to do this, aviation organizations are reliant upon creating elective power sources – explicitly hybrid electrification.

Key market trends- Growth determinants and restraints

Factors such as surge in demand for electric aircraft drive frameworks, rise of electric-powered airplane, expanding drives to diminish natural outflows through airplane and severe guidelines concerning fossil fuel emissions via airplane are reinforcing the development of the airplane electrification market globally.

One more significant driving component of the airplane electrification market is a surge in the need to lessen fossil fuel emissions and furthermore to control climate contamination. Alongside, increasing concerns about the climate contamination by the public authority, low working expenses are a portion of the development supporting elements of the market of aircraft electrification income rate.

Another significant factor aiding aircraft electrification market progression is the rising electrification of shorter-range airplane. Also, expanding speculation by organizations from arising economies, for example, India, Brazil and China for new item development is augmenting industry outlook.

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Segmentation Analysis of Global Aircraft electrification Market

Based on platform –

  • Aircraft
  • Commercial aircraft
  • General aviation

The general aviation held the largest amount of market share in 2020, and is expected to grow further, because of aircraft activities for shorter range aircraft due to the availability of limited capacity batteries in the current market most of the growths are undertaken for general aviation segment.

Based on application –

  • power distribution
  • power generation
  • power conversion
  • energy storage

The power distribution segment leads the market share of the market among others.

Based on system –

  • Aircraft system
  • Propulsion system

The propulsion systems segment holds the largest market share of the market as there is growing penetration of electric propulsion to reduce the fuel

Based on technology

  • Hybrid electric
  • More electric
  • Fully electric

The hybrid electric segment rules the market with the highest market share among others.

Based on component

  • Electric actuators
  • Electric pumps
  • Generators
  • Batteries
  • Fuel cells
  • Solar cells
  • Motors power electronics
  • Distribution devices

The electric pumps segment dominates the market with the largest market share.

Europe is expected to grip the largest market share

North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa are the major regions constituting the geographical landscape of Global Aircraft electrification Market. Europe dominates the market with the highest market share.

Competitive Landscape

The Key players in the Global Aircraft electrification market are Honeywell International Inc., Safran S.A., Thales Group, United, Technologies Corporation, GE Aviation, Avionic Instruments, LLC, AMETEK Inc., Meggitt PLC, BAE Systems, and Radiant Power Corporation.

Major development

The aircraft electrification market incorporates central parts like Honeywell International Inc. (US), Safran (France), Thales Group (France), Raytheon Technologies (US), GE Aviation (US). These players have spread their business across different nations including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Coronavirus has affected their organizations too. Industry specialists accept that COVID-19 could influence aircraft electrification production and administrations by 7-10% worldwide in 2020.

Major questions answered in this report

  • What is the growth rate of this Market?
  • What are the primary growth determinants of this Market?
  • Which are the major regions constituting this Market?
  • Which are the prominent companies operating in this Market?

Key takeaways from the report-

  • The Global Aircraft Electrification Market registers a CAGR of over 14% over 2022-2030.
  • The Europe America is expected to grip the largest market share.
  • The electric pumps segment dominates the market with the largest market share.
  • the expansion in the need to lessen fossil fuel emissions drive the market.

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