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Aerostructures Market Scope, Size, Types, Applications, Industry Trends, Drivers, Restraints, Expansion Plans & Forecast to 2030



Global Aerostructures Market– Overview

Global Aerostructures market size was $62767.54 Million in 2021, and is predicted to grow to a value of more than $100647 million by 2028, recording a growing CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of over 6.08% from 2022 to 2030.

Aerostructure is an independently manufactured component of an airplane’s airframe. These are the fundamental parts which facilitates pivotal airplane operations including flying and changing of aerodynamic powers. Aerostructures are exceptionally intended to endure outrageous weather patterns and primary fatigue caused because of stacking cycles or bird strikes.

Various sorts of materials like composites, alloys, metals, and superalloys are utilized as Aerostructures relying on their properties and execution.

Global Aerostructures market- Key Trends

Growing disposable income levels to augment the industry outlook: 

With rapid economic developments across various nations, there has been a widespread increase in the per capita income level of the masses. A large number of people have started to opt for air travel as it offers a comfortable journey as compared to other modes of transportation. Moreover, people with high disposable income are also investing in tourism activities. These factors in turn are creating an upward trend for the market.

Rising demand for military aircrafts to aid market expansion: 

There has been an accelerating demand for military aircrafts due to rising conflicts in various regions. The growing adoption of UAVs for the facilitation of various military missions owing to their high endurance, durability along with surveillance and reconnaissance capacities has contributed to the industry progression

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Segmentation Analysis of Global Aerostructures Market

Based on component

  • Fuselage
  • Empennage
  • Flight Control Surfaces
  • Wings
  • Nose
  • Nacelle and Pylon

The fuselage dominates the market with the highest Aerostructures Market share in 2019 and also it is expected to remain dominant.

Based on material

  • Composites
  • Alloys
  • Metals

The Metal material has wide use in the airframe of the current plane and is assessed to the high market. The airplane part is comprised of composite materials which offer high plan adaptability, strength, toughness, and low weight.

North America is expected to grip the largest market share

North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa are the major regions constituting the geographical landscape of Global Aerostructures Market. The North American market is projected to contribute the biggest share from 2022 to 2030. The key variable liable for North America driving the Aerostructures market is the popularity for new airplanes in the region. The developing interest for airplane for business applications and their rising utility in the defence sectors to carry out transport and surveillance are some extra factors impacting the development of the North American Aerostructures market.

Competitive Landscape

The Key players in the Global Aerostructures market are Spirit AeroSystems, AAR Corporation, STELIA Aerospace Group, Mahindra Aerostructures Pvt. Ltd., Leonardo S.P.A., Elbit Systems Ltd., Cyient Ltd., Collin Aerospace, and Saab AB.

Major development

Organizations are taking on industry automation and advanced robotics to mechanical technology to fabricate complex and sensitive aerostructures parts, which increment the quality and dependability of the items. Different industry members are further developing their assembling abilities to keep up with their upper hand in the market.

Major questions answered in this report

  • What is the growth rate of this Market?
  • What are the primary growth determinants of this Market?
  • Which are the major regions constituting the geographical landscape of this Market?
  • Which are the prominent companies operating in this Market?

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Key takeaways from the report-

  • The Global Aerostructures Market registers a CAGR of over 13% over 2022-2030.
  • The North America is expected to grip the largest market share.
  • The fuselage dominates the market with this Market share.
  • The Increasing military expenditure globally is projected to drive the aerostructures market demand.

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