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7 Inspiring Social Justice Accounts to Follow on Instagram



The world of social media is considered to be a scary and a dark place. However, social media has become a new medium to raise your voice against all social injustice. Some creators have been using social media platform for a greater good. So, in order to help those people reach a wider audience, we will be sharing some of the accounts that have helped us overcome our biases and social injustices. These accounts have taught us a lot about anti-racism, environmentalism, feminism, etc.

  1. Vigyaa

Though this account is new on Instagram but they have been actively speaking against social injustices on their blog. They also let people share their experiences again social injustices to bring light on the gravity of the situation. Their Instagram page is also focused on providing a platform to people to anonymously share their real life experiences against any social injustice that they have faced.

  1. The Guerilla Feminist (aka Lachrista Greco)

Lachrista Greco has an impeccable account with fresh post on pressing topics. Her wicked sense of humor tackles social injustices such as race, gender identity, sexuality, feminism and much more. She uses various elements to brighten her feed, such as memes, retweets, art work, and photographs.

  1. Malala Yousafzai

Her name needs no introduction, Malala is a Pakistani activistfor female education. She has a foundation under the name Malalafunds raising fund so that girls are able to go to the school. On her Instagram she raises awareness for women education. She hosts live sessions to encourage women and people around.

  1. @lilnativeboy(aka Allen)

Allen writes about issues including but not limiting to education, inequity, food scarcity, cultural appropriation, and voting rights. On his feed you can find a variety of retweets, funding pages, and quotes and images. He is open and straightforward in his writings. His highlight section is organized in such a way that a new person on his feed can understand what all he stands for. We personally love his personal experiences and resource rounds up. It helps so much in understanding the cause he stands.

  1. 3tokenbrowngirls

3tokenbrowngirls wants to bring out and reach maximum people to share about the marginalized voices. Their feed is a truth in no hand-baring fashion. We love their honesty in the way they write about such crucial social injustices. SOme of the topics they write about are feminism, racism, classicism, and capitalism (more like anti-capitalism). Though they write about these topics extensively, their page is not “101” kind off, you need to have some knowledge about the topics before you dive into their feed.

  1. lgbt_history

lgbt_history has one of the best photo library on Instagram. They talk about pressing issues in LGBT community. They also highlight and preserve LGBT community history. Believe us when we said we were aware about the community to an extend but this page proved us wrong with their extensive ground work to preserve the community and their history. The feed includes perspectives from people of different ages and races. The page lgbt_history stands by the name of the community (rainbow) in their inclusions.

  1. thenapministry

One of the most inspiring page that we have come across last year is thenapministry. As the name suggest they are about naps. We live in a world, where if you don’t hustle all the time you are deemed unproductive, lazy, etc. The nap ministry focuses on the importance to take a nap, which I personally associate it with taking a break from such over hectic life. In the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a rise in run for productivity that we forget to take a break and check up on our physical and mental health. The nap ministry does not only promote a break/nap but also challenges the capitalistic mind set that we have made, which ultimately leads to more capitalism. They host workshops to encourage taking a break challenging this very notion of capitalism.

We hope you like these accounts as much as we liked them.

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