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7 Essential Cordless Power Tools For The Construction Industry



It’s difficult to carry out any kind of work within the construction industry, without a set of power tools, and fortunately, with so many online retailers offering cordless power tools to buy in bulk or as standalone purchases, contractors can set themselves and their teams up, with little fuss.

Below are 7 essential cordless tools that no construction contractor can live without:

1. Jigsaw

This small but incredibly useful tool helps cut curved lines out of wood or metal, and can be used for even the most complex of shapes and designs. The type of blade you choose to attach, and the speed at which the blade moves, will help control the cutting action.

2. Mini circular saw

With a toothed disc blade that rotates on its axis, a mini circular saw can be used to cut through plastic, wood and even metal. Regular sized circular saws might be needed for larger construction purposes and for cutting through heavy-duty materials, while the mini version is ideal for use on laminated or soft wood.

3. Drill

Powered by a battery, cordless drills are used to make holes in different materials, and come with a number of attachments typically referred to as ‘bits,’ each of which comes in a variety of sizes and diameters, to create holes of many sizes. They can also be used to secure screws and nails with ease. 

4. Jack hammer

Noisy and powerful, jackhammers are used to break up large masses of stones or concrete, and typically comes with a ‘chisel’ attachment, that can be bull-point or flat.

5. Nail gun and air compressor

An electric tool used to nail down wooden structures, nail guns can be dangerous (as can any tool used in the construction industry), but when used with the appropriate training and safety equipment, make short work of nailing things down. Usually powered by an air-compressor, this can be bulky, but once on situ, this isn’t really a problem. 

6. Concrete saw

A step up from the regular circular saw, this type of tool is designed in the same way, but is much larger and much more powerful. With a disc blade that rotates, the concrete saw can cut through concrete blocks and bricks with ease and can be described as a combination of a circular saw and a demolition jackhammer. 

7. Reciprocating saw

With a blade at the front, unlike a jigsaw, while it acts in the same manner as a jigsaw, the blade moves backwards and forwards, and can be thought of as a jigsaw held at an angle of 90 degrees. Typically used for cutting wood and other materials such as glass, that require less precision than a jigsaw, they can be used in emergency situations, too. 

To explore your cordless power tool options in more detail, visit a reputable tools online dealer, and kit yourself and your crew out, for less. 

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