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5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Boat



Purchasing a Boat

Purchasing a new or used boat is an achievement that many people dream of. Once you have set this as your goal, you won’t be able to stop imagining yourself and your loved ones in a brand new boat, having fun on the water. However, before you make a purchase, there are things you should have in mind. We have mentioned some of them below.

1. Pre-owned or New

This is the first decision you are supposed to make. Many people find it hard to decide whether to purchase new or pre-owned vessels. If you have been saving some money toward buying a new boat but still don’t have enough money, then a used boat would be the best choice.

In general, it is advisable to always go for a new boat, especially when looking for something that comes with a warranty. Suppose your new boat develops mechanical complications, you’ll always be covered for repair.

It is reported that in 2014 alone, at least 940 500 pre-owned boats were sold. This is because per-owned boats are less expensive. If you decide to buy a used boat, be careful not to be scammed.

2. Consider The Size

When buying a boat, there are so many things to consider. Size is one thing that matters a lot whether you are buying a new or used boat. Ask yourself where you will be using the boat, for instance, and that will help you pick the best size.

If you are only going to use your boat on lakes and rivers, then it means it will be operated in the daytime. For a day boating, you can do with a boat that measures between 18 and 40 feet. But if you intend to stay on the boat for long hours, including the night, then you will need a larger boat. You can also consider things like the number of passengers and your budget.

3. Motor or Sail

This is a choice that is made based on personal preference. Note that you won’t struggle to drive a motorboat. You will mostly rely on the wind if you choose to purchase a sailing boat. Also, in this case, you will make your choice based on what you intend to use the boat for.

If your plan is to do some basic fishing and having fun on the water, then you can comfortably use a sailboat. However, if your plan is to have the kids on board, then you should go for a powerboat that relies on an engine.

4. Time

The one thing that most buyers forget or rather overlook is the time at which they are looking to make a purchase. You also need to consider the time you will have to use the boat in case you complete the transaction.

If you only intend to use your boat once a month, or even once after a few months, then you don’t have to buy it now. Just keep saving and get something much better in the future. This is because you will waste a lot of money on maintenance, as well as the rate of depreciation.

5. Financing

Rather than making cash payments, some individuals take advantage of historic lows and spend the money elsewhere. If you didn’t know, boat financing is a lengthy process that can take between ten and twenty years.

If you choose to buy things in cash, you can always rely on great deals such as mercury outboard parts. Most marine lenders specialize based on the loan size. You will find that some of them prefer working with loans under $30,000, while others will only go for millions.

Suppose you are looking to use finance to acquire a boat, keep in mind that marine lenders have different operations terms. Therefore, you must do your homework to learn how they work before applying for a loan. Some of them will ask you for details such as the boat’s value and age you intend to buy.

Closing Thoughts

Always stick to your budget. If you have enough money to get a new boat, then it is okay to do so. It is still possible to find a pre-owned boat in perfect condition at an affordable price. It is all about knowing what you want and getting ready financially.

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