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4 Natural Ways To Manage Chronic Pain

Stephanie Snyder



Chronic Pain

People who suffer from chronic pain are currently stuck in a difficult situation. Due to the opioid epidemic, doctors are reluctant to prescribe prescription painkillers that are highly addictive. This leaves their patients struggling to find reliable ways to manage chronic pain. As many people are just now discovering, there are several methods for managing pain naturally. Here are a few examples.

Get More Exercise

While you may have to start slow, keeping a good exercise regimen and improving upon it over time will help you deal with chronic pain. First, moderate to high-intensity physical activity will decrease the inflammation that’s causing you to experience chronic pain. As an added benefit, the reduced internal inflammation will also help you increase your mobility.

A second way that exercise helps reduce or alleviate chronic pain is by building up muscle volume. As your body grows more potent, your increased muscle mass will improve your tolerance to pain. This will reduce the intensity and frequency that you experience chronic pain, so surges of pain will be easier to handle without turning to drugs. The effects of physical activity are cumulative as well, meaning that you’ll experience more of these benefits as you continue working out for a more extended period.

Take a Natural Supplement

Many natural compounds will help alleviate pain by merely eating the foods that contain them. Conversely, you can take a supplement that contains these compounds and enjoy the same pain-relieving benefits. For example, fish oil is widely recognized as an anti-inflammatory agent. In a recent study, patients with chronic neck and back pain were given 1,200 milligrams of fish oil each day for 75 days. By the end of that period, more than half of the subjects reported they had stopped taking prescription painkillers and had started relying solely on the fish oil supplements. Similarly, turmeric, a root used in spicy meals, and resveratrol, which is found in red wine and red grapes, are also effective anti-inflammatory agents.

Engage in Relaxation Activities

Any activity that relaxes you will help alleviate pain by prompting the brain to produce endorphins, commonly known as feel-good neurotransmitters. Some people experience this mood boost by enjoying the best ccell vapes, while others simply meditate to achieve the same effects. Other ideas for relaxation include practicing yoga, reading a good book, or taking a warm bath. You can enhance the impact of these activities by playing some soothing music or lighting an aromatherapy candle. The practice of a relaxation activity and the rush of neurotransmitters alleviates stress as well. This is because the brain cannot produce endorphins and stress hormones simultaneously. Similarly, you can’t experience pain simultaneously as you experience joy, happiness, or contentment.

Experience Physical Therapy

A very effective way of managing chronic pain is to undergo physical therapy treatments. Deep tissue massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments have all effectively reduced chronic pain in patients. Deep tissue massage works by manipulating the muscles to promote healing and reduce inflammation, while chiropractic care involves making adjustments to the musculoskeletal structure to restore a more natural posture. In addition to treating chronic pain, these therapies are effective in treating physical injuries. Often, athletes undergo these types of treatments to help them heal faster.

Acupuncture is steeped in ancient Chinese mysticism, and it involves manipulating the flow of energy throughout the body. While there isn’t clinical data to prove that it’s useful, many people who experience acupuncture attest to its efficacy in treating chronic pain. Whether it does improve energy flow or is simply a relaxing experience that reduces stress levels, people who experience the treatments continue utilizing this type of therapy even after their chronic pain is no longer a problem. Much like those who experience deep tissue massage and chiropractic treatments, those undergoing acupuncture enjoy the relaxing experience of this type of therapy.

If you have tried these suggestions and still struggle with finding ways of effectively managing your pain, consult your doctor. He may offer more tips that can be used separately or in conjunction with the methods discussed here to help you alleviate your pain. Besides saving you from developing an addiction, these methods can help you avoid the adverse side effects that medication produces.

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