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Palm Springs is one of those cities in the US that is filled with many fun and adventurous activities that any tourist can indulge himself in doing. Palm Springs has something for every age – going on an adventurous hiking trail to biking to jeep drives, the city has all of it packed for you!

Be it with family or even with friends, Palm Springs shall surely remain a memorable vacation for you to cherish.

Amidst the numerous exciting and enchanting Palm Springs activities that you may indulge yourself in, as you come here for the weekend, there are a few that attract special attention.

We have specially handpicked a few adventurous and refreshing activities that you will love to do while you stay at Palm Springs. So, book your tickets to visit Palm Springs this weekend!


  1. Go for the amazing Joshua Tree National Park Self-Driving Audio Tour!

It is one of the most pocket-friendly tours that you will ever stumble across in Palm Springs. There is only a nominal entry fee that visitors need to pay while entering the Joshua Tree National Park premises. This fee is used for the further development and maintenance of the national park premises.


Complete online support is given to all travelers who opt for this tour, alongside providing them with the route map and audios. The tour covers a total of 30 stops, all inside the beautiful city of Palm Springs!


Furthermore, for any tourist who wishes to cancel their bookings for the tour, they can do so by calling up the authorities at least 24 hours before the tour. In such cases, a complete refund against the amount earlier paid is given back to the visitors.


  1. Play with your family or friends at the fantastic escape rooms in Palm Springs!

There are many options to choose from when it comes to the Palm Springs escape rooms. While some of these are in Palm Springs, some of them are just a few miles drive away from the main city of Palm Springs.


All the escape rooms are properly sanitized on a daily basis for the safety of the players who come here. Visitors are also expected to follow the required Covid-19 safety protocols when they enter the escape room premises. Most of the escape room venues also have sufficient parking space for you to have your car properly parked in.

So, come in and play together with your family or friends and spend one of the best times of your life at the escape rooms in Palm Springs!


Choose from the several unique themes available at the venue and enjoy your game together!


  1. Enjoy the Palm Springs Walk of Stars

It’s not just Hollywood that has its form of Walk of Stars, but even in the city of Palm Springs, visitors can come across an amazingly decorated Walk of Stars!


Several influential figures like popular entertainers and others have been immortalized in this Palm Springs Walk of Stars. As you sweep your way through the Palm Springs Walk of Stars, learn about the various personas who have made a mark in the city of Palm Springs.


You might as well stumble your way across popular names likes Liberace, Elizabeth Taylor, and many others! This place shall also showcase certain names that you are not so familiar with. So, take this as a chance and get to learn about them now!


Making your way across the Palm Springs Walk of Stars might as well be one of the most delightful and fun things to do in Palm Springs!


  1. Look at those Baby Sculptures!

If you visit the Palm Springs Art Museum during your stay in the city (which is something you should not miss out on), then make sure that you check these large-sized baby sculptures located right across and near to the museum!


These sculptures are almost insanely huge and measure about eight feet in height. Surely, looking at these sculptures all of a sudden might seem a bit unsettling to you. But then again, isn’t that the greatness of art demarcated by the level of intense reaction that it provokes in the onlookers?


However, on a further closer inspection, you shall discover that there is more to these sculptures than what meets the eye. The artistic hand behind these sculptures has curated these babies to possess barcodes instead of proper faces. This is done to represent how branding has trampled upon emotions severely in today’s world.


So yes, it is by far one of the most modern pieces of art that you can probably ever come across!


  1. Go for the Celebrity Home Bus Tours!

Did you know that all the glitch and glam that surmounts Hollywood further extends its arms up to the city of Palm Springs? Yes, there are many celebrities you have set up their homes here!


If going past the places in the city of Palm Springs where these celebrities have built their houses is on your mind, then go for the Celebrity Home Bus Tours. Guess what, one of the stops on your tour even includes the house of the famous Marilyn Moore!


Think how jealous your friends or your colleagues would be when they hear about how you have gone past the houses of Hollywood celebrities!


Marvel and gaze at the luxuries that cover the houses of these celebrities from head to toe. Pay attention to your tour guide, who shall even divulge certain interesting details of these houses!


  1. Go for the exciting Night Adventures in the Monument!

Wait for the night to cover the city of Palm Springs in its veil of darkness. When night falls in, and things grow darker, seek out of your hotel and go for the Night Adventures in the Monument.


All tourists who are interested in going to the Night Adventures in the Monument will have to meet at the Santa Rosa and the San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Visitors’ Centre.


On this night tour, discover several creatures that inhabit Palm Springs! You may find scorpions, lizards, geckos, spiders, owls, jackrabbits, snakes, and maybe even a coyote if you are lucky on this night tour.


This Night Adventures in the Monument is essentially conducted by the authorities as a family event. Minors need to be accompanied by either their parents or their guardians during the tour.


All tourists must carry their water bottles. You should choose close-toed shoes, or preferably sneakers for this night tour. If you have a black light along with you, carry it with you.



  1. Visit the Ruddy’s General Store Museum!

If you wish to swiftly pass through the gates of time and glide your way across the bygone days, then this is surely a place that you must visit on your next trip to Palm Springs.


This place is by far one of the most amazing places that you can ever come across. Owned by Jim Ruddy, this General Store Museum showcases several pristine products from as early as the 1930s in their original boxes and tin cases.


Step deep into the passage of nostalgia as you make your way through this exemplarily unique museum!


  1. Visit the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm


The San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm is recognized as top 3 wind farms in all of California. It is located in an exquisitely windy place in southern California, thereby visiting this wind farm a must-visit for every tourist!


It can be a great place for you to spend a day out with your friends or family. Roam all about the place and click as many of those Instagram photos as you want. As you drive past the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm, gaze at the tranquility that this place beholds!


This place can also serve as a great venue for clicking anniversary or even pre-wedding photos for interested people!


  1. Visit the Coachella Valley Preserve in Palm Springs

The Coachella Valley Preserve is a huge area that remains extensively well-protected and preserved. It is on the eastern side of the central city of Palm Springs.


It is a place that is great for both a relaxing and adventurous day out with your friends! The Coachella Valley Preserve spreads across approximately 20,000 acres of land.


Tourists can even indulge in going on the amazing hiking trails that are laid down in the Coachella Valley Preserve. Going on these guided hiking trips shall further help you to learn more about the geology of this area.


This tourist spot has fast become one of the most exciting tourist hotspots when it comes to Palm Springs. Enjoy the pristine view of the lands and the gusty winds that ruffle your hair now and then in here!


  1. Go for a thrilling journey on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway!

One of the most exciting things that you would love and enjoy is the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Looking down on the entire location of Palm Springs from a high point on the tramway can be a pretty thrilling experience!


Known as the largest ever-rotating tramway, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway covers a total distance of 2.5 miles in just a matter of 10 minutes! It is located in the rugged terrains of the Chino Canyon.


The tram rotates in itself all around, and that makes the whole ride all the more enchanting. This is mainly because visitors can now get a complete view of the whole region of Palm Springs from every possible angle!


Kids who are at least above the age of 3 years are eligible for the joyride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Make sure to come with your kid to this place when you visit Palm Springs this weekend!


So go ahead and visit Palm Springs next weekend for a short vacation and enjoy yourself as you do all these amazing Palm Springs activities!





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