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Worthwhile Health Practices You May Not Know About



We all know that we need to drink water, eat lots of fiber, and exercise. However, if you are doing all of those things and still not feeling terrific, you can make some interesting choices that are a bit off the beaten path. Consider the ideas below to increase your health even further.


Sit and Rest Only When You Need To

If you are tired, try to lay down or at least sit with your feet up. Leaving your feet down when you sit at the end of a long day can be hard on your heart and your circulatory system. Sitting can also be hard on your spine.


For best results, try to sit with your feet up almost at the same level as your bottom in the chair. While sitting, work to stretch your calves and ankles, especially if you have been engaging in a lot of physical labor. If you don’t have a way to put your feet up, stretch out on top of the blankets and read for a bit.


Take Smart Supplements

If you have long struggled with low energy and anemia, change up your supplement routine to get your multivitamin from a fortified cereal. Mix a serving of one of the cereals that offer all the iron you need for the day, such as Total, with vanilla yogurt to get Vitamins, minerals, and an extra boost of calcium.


As you age, consider changing up your other supplement routine. Add ginseng for a healthy mind and consider a supplement to provide UTI relief. While working on the health of your kidneys, make sure you always have a water cup with you so your cleansing organs are fully supported.


Gentle Exercise When You Are Tired Can Be Energizing

When your body is tired but you still have a lot to do, have some low impact fun. Play some fun music, do some dancing, or grab that stair rail and do some stretching on the way upstairs before you grab the next laundry basket, work project, or child to care for.


Pushing when you’re tired is exhausting and can make it very hard to avoid being grumpy about life. Breaking from your tasks to do something just a little bit different, even for five minutes, can energize you and give you the juice to keep going. Additionally, you can reset your energy by washing your face with cool water, and if you wear glasses, clean them. This simple act can give you the mojo to move on.


A Bike Is a Great Investment

Bikes are not just for long rides on the weekend. In some of the happiest places on earth, up to half, the population ride their bike to work whenever the weather permits, and many ride in snow and rain as well. f you have ever considered getting an electric-assist bike, consider using it for

  • getting to work
  • running errands
  • getting the dog out for some exercise


An electric assist bike can be a nifty tool to get you to and from work, thanks to the pedaling power of the rechargeable battery. You can even get where you need to go without breaking a sweat with that extra power!


A Cup of Coffee With a Dear Friend is Great for Your Immune System

Coffee is loaded with antioxidants, and many of us just cannot get moving without a dose of caffeine. Coffee with a friend is even better because you can enjoy a laugh, a heart-to-heart, and just celebrate what a joy it is to have a confidant.


Finding a reason to laugh can be tough some days. However, laughter, especially early in the day, can greatly improve your ability to maintain an optimistic outlook, which is good for your heart, reduces your blood pressure, and boosts your immune system.


If you are tired of the same old routine, get a cup of coffee with a friend. Put on your backpack and pedal to a nearby store so you can stock up on necessities. Supplement smart and put your feet up when you are tired. While you are relaxing, read something that makes you smile!