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Why is it Important to Estimate the Cost of Construction?

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“International Estimator, LLC” is one of the leading construction estimating service providers in the industry. Estimators are the key personnel who determine the cost of construction projects. Construction companies all around the world rely on Estimators to help them estimate their capital expenditures. The entire construction estimating process includes numerous steps that go through to make sure that the estimate provided by the contractor is accurate and ready for the contractors to bid. Here are some of the steps involved in the estimation process:

What makes a good cost estimate?

Types of Construction Cost Estimation and Their Purposes - Construction  Engineering & Management - The Constructor
Prepare the Comprehensive Invoice. The client submits a comprehensive invoice after preparing the contract. The invoice contains all details about the estimate as well as any additional information that is required to provide the final takeoff estimating estimation. The invoice then goes to the estimating company for preparation.

Prepare the Selection Based On Selection Criteria. Once the contract is signed, the selected contractor will be given the opportunity to bid for the job. All other aspects of the job will still remain until the winning bidder is chosen. The estimated time for completion of the project will be determined by the bidder’s bid and the contractor’s estimate, as given in the takeoff estimating services agreement.

Communicate with the Project Sponsor. Communication is very important when utilizing the takeoff estimating services provided by a company. In this way, you can ask for feedback on your work from the contractor itself. The sponsor can also provide feedback on your bid.

Get Estimates from Other Bidders. Some contractors may not have available estimating services in New York. You should ask them if they are willing to provide estimates based on your requirements. This helps you determine the estimated price of your contract proposal. You can also try asking other contractors in the same industry and find out if they offer estimates on your needs.

Conduct Pre-Qualification Interviews. Construction takeoff estimating services companies usually conduct pre-qualification interviews of potential customers. This ensures that the best contractors are selected. A good company would conduct a thorough interview and hire only the most suitable one who has the appropriate experience for your requirements.

What are some common problems with project cost estimation?

You should discuss the estimate with the client and ask questions to improve your estimation process. It is also important to note the estimated cost will not be the final price. The final figure will be revised depending on various factors. These include the scope of the project, material costs, labor costs and transportation costs. This would result in revisions to the estimate.

If there are additional modifications required to be made to the project, they should be identified and recorded in the estimate. This will help in revising the original estimate if necessary. The company should document the estimated cost as well so that the client is aware of these costs. In case there are changes to be made, the construction takeoff estimating services company should be notified. The amended estimate should be provided to the client for acceptance. The amended estimate should be sent to the contractor at least 15 days before the start of work so that he can incorporate the changes in the work program.

Ultimate Guide to Construction Estimating Services for Bidding

The entire takeoff process is a time-consuming procedure, which can be initiated either by the client or by the contractors themselves. If the project involves several phases, it is better to hire a takeoff company as they have the expertise and experience to execute the entire process. The total time taken to get the construction takeoff Estimating services contract signed is approximately 25 hours. This is quite long enough to meet the deadline of receiving cash for the project.


The whole takeoff process can be automated by using certain software. This kind of software will generate an accurate and complete estimate right from the scratch without any manual intervention. The estimate can be reviewed by the client before signing the agreement as well. A construction takeoff Estimating service provider has the expertise and experience to handle all kinds of takeoff estimates and can provide complete solutions for projects ranging from residential house construction to major infrastructure projects. They also have the necessary skills and tools to provide fast delivery with quality results.

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