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What mistakes to avoid while printing t-shirts?

This article gives you an idea about what mistakes are common while designing any t-shirt. You should consider these points if you want to have the perfect design for your t-shirt.



Who would not like to have personal and unique designs in the products? The personalization business is increasing and taking trends all over the world. 

Many eCommerce stores integrate designing tools for attracting more customers. Most of the e-commerce stores use Magento for developing their stores as this technology provides various features and support.

The e-commerce site will have many products. When you integrate the designing tool with your site you might need a product customizer. Magento product customizer will help you to customize or make configurable products. 

Starting a designer site, you need to integrate the designer tools. There are many tools available that can help you provide the best features and services. Using designing tools, you can customize products like mugs, t-shirts, pillows, bed-sheets, and many more. Among all the products t-shirt designing is the most favorite for everyone. Magento t-shirt design tool is the most used tool for personalizing t-shirts.

As it is very common for designing t-shirts, there may be some mistakes that everyone can make. These mistakes can be unintentional but there are some mistakes that the customer needs to avoid. Here are some points that you need to keep in mind while designing the t-shirt.


In T-shirt design, size matters a lot. Most people work with the default size given for the designs. 

Here is what you need to do: Size should be according to the design. The properties of the printing garment are also important before finalizing the design. 

Depending on the shape of your design, sometimes the design may look much bigger than it should. For example, a square or circular shape goes well on the garment when they are small in size.

Does one size fit all? No, Depending on the size range of your garments, you must consider using a small size print for the smaller items, such as ladies and youth. 

Placing the design

Placing design in the right position is difficult sometimes. But this is important as if it won’t place a perfect position it may look awkward.

A common mistake that can happen when placement gets wrong is the belly print, which is never flattering. If your design is in a standard print location such as full front or full back then the tool can also help to place it properly with the idea of how it will look. But when it comes to custom designs, you need to be sure about the placements.

Typings and Fonts

When it comes to design, typing is the art of arranging words in a way that makes sense, along with choosing fonts. While writing anything you need to be sure the letter spacing and line spacing is correct and properly sets with the graphic elements.

Your font choice can say a lot about your thinking and personality. The writings should be in a way that can match the circumstances. For example, if your T-shirt design is for a family reunion, the font “Avengers” might not be the best way to convey. 

There are some fonts that can always be the best for anyone. Custom fonts will only be for the customers who wish to write something new of their own. 


Every design has the ability to say something or look meaningful when on a t-shirt. This relation of designs is known as composition. 

A mistake that mostly happens is design gets scattered and the whole meaning changes or can not be understood by anyone. Sometimes it also happens that you may read something wrong if designs are not balanced. So, for this, you need to keep a balance between the designs you choose and it should be meaningful.

End Words

Magento t-shirt design tool provides all the important features and services that you need to customize a t-shirt. Increase in the demand for custom designs t-shirts is increasing. The mistakes can be done by anyone and so there are the points that can help you to not repeat. These points will give you the perfect design you imagine to have.

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