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What Are The Best Couple Goals To Set For A Healthier Relationship?



What Are The Best Couple Goals To Set For A Healthier Relationship?

Setting couple goals is a vital part of any serious relationship because it ensures that you’re both wanting the same things. These goals can also become strategic maps for the future that allow you as a couple to work towards accomplishing set milestones. Having the right goals within a relationship allows couples to properly communicate their needs and desires that will translate to a better and more intimate connection in the long run.


What Is Considered Healthy In A Partnership?

Everyone has a different perception of what a healthy partnership entails, and that’s greatly due in part to the fact that each one of us has different experiences and perceptions. For the most part, however, we can all safely agree that healthy relationships are the ones that include the following elements:

*Mutual trust and respect

*Good communication

*Mutual support 



What Are The Right Couple Goals To Set?

Any relationship goals that you choose to set as a couple should take into consideration the thoughts, needs, and feelings of both parties involved. Setting goals that improve upon communication, intimacy, individuality, honesty, and trust can all work to strengthen as well as create the foundation for a healthier partnership. Of course, goals are completely personal and may extend into other areas of your personal life such as finances and emotional well-being.

Setting the goals is one thing, but setting them together as a couple helps bring you closer together. I always recommend couples who are serious about their goals to write them down in a prominent place where they can see them daily. This can help you progress forward as a couple. Of course, it’s also possible to advance these goals even further by putting a desired deadline and tracking your milestones to get there.

One way to make the process of setting goals for yourself as a couple easier is to use the SMART system. I always tell couples that this acronym doesn’t just stand for making smart choices, but also certain aspects of well-constructed goals. SMART goals are defined by the following factors:


Set couples goals that are specific because they allow you to completely determine exactly what you want to achieve. Broad and unclear goals are hard to measure or achieve, which is why being specific can help you work towards the necessary steps you need to take to reach your final goal. If you can consistently continue breaking down your goal into smaller categories, it means that it’s still too broad.


All goals need to have the opportunity to be measured, and one way to tell if you can even measure your goal is by considering how you can tell the goal has been accomplished. By having an actual quantifiable goal, you can acknowledge its existence and track your progress as a couple.


Impossible goals will negatively impact your relationship and mental health as you will constantly deal with the frustration of never meeting them. That’s why I advise every couple to set realistic and attainable goals instead. Not only are attainable goals inspirational, but they help motivate and minimize the risk of complete failure. The right goals should help you feel like what you want is well within your reach.


Since you’re setting goals as a couple, you need to consider their relevance to your relationship dynamics. Establish why you’re setting a specific goal for yourself as a couple and how it can benefit both of you. At the end of the day, having relevant goals as a couple will positively impact your relationship.

*T=Time Sensitive

You can choose to set goals without any type of time sensitivity, but it also provides less motivation to actually meet those goals. In fact, you may find it difficult to even begin to accomplish these goals in the first place. Set a vague date or a time that allows you as a couple unit to check on the progress you’ve made towards your end result.


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