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Top 5 Salesforce Lightning Benefits To Boost Up Your Business



Every goal-oriented entrepreneur strives to embrace technology along with all the benefits that come along with it. Did you know that over 50% of customers wouldn’t mind shelling out for better customer experience?

This means that acquiring new clients and retaining old ones depends on how they interact with their customers. Thanks to the Salesforce Lightning consultant, your company can gather data to explore innovative ways for connecting with clients.

Here are five more Salesforce Lightning benefits to boost up your business.

Easy To Use

Modern-day business involves the use of different devices to secure information that is deemed relevant. Salesforce lightning increases productivity by making it easier for users to navigate through.

As a business user, you are guaranteed the utmost flexibility as you explore this unmatched software. Workflow has been made more intuitive and convenient, even for first-time users.

Key advancements have been noted and are sure to bring a wave of progress into different fields. One of the improvements is that users of desktops can access more amazing features through the collapsible navigation.

The second essential improvement is auto-save texts, making the users enjoy every minute of their experience with Salesforce Lightning.  

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Customizable Homepage 

Salesforce lightning has come a long way to ensure that its users get the feeling of ownership and being in control. Customization is an integral part of any device and comes along with lots of privileges. 

One of them is the possibility of finding new opportunities. Salesforce Lightning makes the customization process more straightforward and fun. There’s plenty of room for experimentation to know what works best for the user.

Once you get a new homepage, you are assured of unlocking critical information to make your business more efficient. This means that all the problems you had initially are eventually solved this way.

Customization enables you to see the overdue tasks, alerting you to work on them promptly. This prevents the possibility of functions overloading your device.

Customized and Smarter Views

Salesforce Lightning has come up with yet another way to help business owners work smarter. It does this by taking note of every feature the users view. It also helps them decide which features are more beneficial to the user if they get overwhelmed.

Smarter views mean an upgrade to all the features that are important to your business and other activities. Salesforce Lightning gives you the power to redesign your dashboard and only settle for what works for you.

As a result, your report becomes more detailed and informative due to the timely suggestions offered to you by Salesforce Lightning. The perceptible reports you get from the whole experience saves are well detailed and save your time.

Upgrading still allows you to access the old files you had initially. They are not entirely lost but safely stored away for you for future reference. Work goes on smoothly, making your business more productive than ever.

More Columns

This is an exciting revolution for business users who wish to make a turnaround in their ventures. Your business doesn’t have to be limited to only three columns because Salesforce Lightning has upgraded to four columns.

This is quite beneficial since it enables you to have a wider view of your business’s various aspects. For instance, sales are the most affected since the figures are delicate.

A fourth column ensures that you get to view and update sensitive data such as this. Users of this feature are on the verge of discovering and unlocking more benefits of this convenient feature.

It has made things easier, especially when it comes to the date factor. Keeping track of such information is critical as it helps in making informed decisions.

What’s more, this feature holds the promise of increased productivity. You won’t have to spend much time switching to different parts of your screen to get a better view of your data. With this new feature, your business is assured of efficiency. Salesforce Lightning has been working hard to optimize applications to actualize the 4th column on your device’s screen.

Eased The Possibility Of More Opportunities

Your business opportunities are better placed, especially with this latest revolution. Salesforce Lightning has devised features that can look out for opportunities on your behalf.

You can keep track of the different stages in which your opportunities are, although you need to do it manually. This can be done through the ‘drag and drop’ method, and the information from your sales will be automatically updated.

Setting a target for your metrics and business generally is the way to go since it makes this feature quite useful. It’s easier to track down and understand each stage of your opportunity.

Combined with keyboard shortcuts, you can manage more than one activity at the same time. 

More Amazing Features

Salesforce Lightning is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that has attracted users from across the globe due to its convenience and flexibility. It has more incredible features that customer service agents can’t ignore.

For instance:

  • It keeps tabs on the latest technological features. Customer relations require sober and faster ways of dealing with customers. Salesforce Lightning depends on the power of the cloud to fulfill most of its technology-based functions.
  • Faster selling process. Thanks to some legit features, you are assured of a smooth sail in your business. The likes of updated performance charts, Assistant, and Opportunity Workspace, all time-consuming obstacles are as good as gone.
  • Steelbrick. This is one of Salesforce’s latest features, which mainly targets the business force and all its engagements. Tasks related to trade deals are quite complicated and take more than a book and pen to capture all sensitive records. With this feature in place, you can create contracts and proposals without breaking a sweat.
  • Timely services to customers. Among the gravest challenges of running a business are grievances from clients. Salesforce Lightning has come up with a variety of built-in solutions that are designed to oversee such challenges.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce lightning is a revolutionary platform for business owners since they enjoy all the benefits listed above. It’s easy to customize and is indeed the future of technology.