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The Ultimate Faith store – helping community through its social giving initiatives.



Many businesses in today’s time want to create a greater impact by donating a percentage of their profits to various charities spread across the nation. That’s what Ultimate Faith, an online store run by a group of passionate individuals has been doing, by donating a percentage of profits that arise from their product sales to charities. One of the managing team members says “we wanted to make sure our company was more than just selling products online, the thought of helping the community by donating a share of our profits was always there when we established our online store and soon it was streamlined and initiated.” The Ultimate Faith project was finally brought to light with the help of funding by the owners. The sole mission of the company is to help people in distress through a number of charities they choose in to give their percentage each month. They also educate people about Christ and how his being there benefits those who believe in him with a true heart.

What makes this company different from others is its ability to help people in times of distress. There are many existing in this world who need our support in a lot of ways and there are many who want to help those needy but don’t have the right channel or path to proceed. The Ultimate Faith store bridges the gap between the two in a simple manner. The buyer gets the product of his choice and at the same time lends his hands for a social cause. They are a vast range of products available on their website which ranges from apparels, jewellery, caps to a variety of accessories which are modern and trendy. What makes them stand apart from others is that they donate 15% of their monthly revenues to various charities, small communities and needy around the globe.

Every month they choose a particular charitable organisation and donate the proceeds. Charities which have been selected for present month are Smile of Child Greece, Care Foundation Norway, Habitat of People USA and Hope for everyone Nigeria.

They have indeed been doing exceptional work which has been appreciated well on a global platform.

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