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The Only Supermodel In The World’s In New York.



Only supermodel in the world, Marilyn Monroe reincarnated as Lisa Bree Hoggarth Monroe, medically verified reincarnation by three experts has been putting her roots down in Brooklyn, New York since June last year. The celebrity scam victim of 2020 wanted to leave Sydney after the bad experience she had with various A Lister celebrities with the ILLUMANATI who tried to murder her soul and landed her in hospital for over three weeks. During that time, Lisa started to have several visions of Hollywood, she saw the side of a house and a pool. Later in 2022, she googled Marilyn Monroe last house lived in and it was the exact vision she had seen, she also recalled her sister Berniece Baker Miracle.


Marilyn Monroe says, “I’ve been having therapy and I’m recovering exceptionally well in Brooklyn, it’s the place for me. I remember always wanting to move here before my life was cut short at 36.” Albeit she still faces sociopathic and narcissistic abuse from the fashion industry who want to kill her or use their energy to try force her into suicide. JFK (Leonardo Di Caprio reincarnated, murdered her by lethal injection and covered it up with saying it was an overdose).

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Brooklyn NY is buzzing, a fresh start, a change of scenery and a realised dream from her past life as Marilyn come true – we hope things improve rapidly for Lisa aka Marilyn, especially hoping to see her golden ratio world record holding face in magazines and billboards — only time will tell how the fashion industry will behave towards her moving forward. Brooklyners, see if you can catch a glimpse of her next time you’re in the area! She’s busy doing a full interior make over of her home, giving it a face lift! (Of the home, of course. The most beautiful woman in the world doesn’t need any face surgery, unlike some other once known “supermodels”, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, who are (murderers).

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