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Renowned $3.7 Million Dollars Nwirong Bze’e Ancient African Statues Collection



Nwirong Bze’e is a very rare and renowned invaluable treasured 6-piece ancient cultural art statues collection from Baligan’sin village located at the North West Region of Cameroon. Nwirong Bze’e lastly returned to the Baligan’sin village (their origin) where it has been till date around the 17 century after almost 5 centuries wondering from tribe to tribe through numerous bloody tribal wars fought for the ownership and control over Nwirong Bze’e. The collection date back almost a millennium with great cultural heritage and a guarantee perfect authenticity with the Original “Certificate Of Authenticity” established by the German colonial experts recently around a 100 years in 1912 during the German colonial era in Cameroon.

Nwirong Bze’e art collection has been inspected, registered and certified under the UNESCO International Cultural Heritage Database with Reg# UNESCO792657HMU-CM in 2012. It is considered the most exquisite and extraordinary artefacts from the West African region by the UNESCO International Cultural Heritage recently Identification and classification Program. It’s is well known and adored internationally and has attracted the attention of many Western Cultural Art Enthusiast, Cultural Heritage Groups and lovers from all over the world, who visits to witness the Baligan’sin Cultural legacy.

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