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Power Factor Controller IC Market Revenue, Sales, Growth and Price Analysis 2022-2030:



The “Power Factor Controller IC Market: Opportunity Analysis and Future Assessment 2022-2030” research report offers a comprehensive and an in-depth evaluation of the progressive market trends, growth areas, opportunities, drivers, and restraints, which would allow clients and stakeholders to line up their market strategies as stated in present & future market dynamics. A strategic assessment of the market growth trajectory in the forecast period, whilst taking into account the Covid-19 impact on the industry, is also included in the research study, with certain information established by research experts.

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Power Factor Controller IC Introduction

Power factor controller, otherwise called as power factor correction devices or PFC in abbreviation, can be perceived as an attribute incorporated in some computing devices and other power supply boxes that cuts off the amount of reactive power produced by a computer. Reactive power functions at right angles to true power and drives the magnetic field. Reactive power has no real value for an electronic equipment, but power companies charge for both true and reactive power following undue and irrelevant charges. In the power factor controller, the power factor (depicted as “k”) is the ratio of true power (kwatts) divided by reactive power (kvar). Notably, the value for power factor is in the middle of 0.0 and 1.00. If the power factor is beyond 0.8, it can be confirmed that the electric device is consuming power efficiently.

Power Factor Controller IC Market Dynamics

One of the major factors that is primarily driving the growth of the global power factor controller IC market is the expeditiously rising number of electronic appliances and devices across all kinds of industries around the world, which further results in growing necessity to inhibit damage to equipment and appliances due to overvoltage conditions as well as other threatening conditions. Although on the other side, factors like high installation costs are likely to hold back the growth of the global power factor controller IC market over the forecast period. Nonetheless, the rising investments in emerging economies in infrastructure is still estimated to add fresh and lucrative opportunities for the power factor controller IC market which is expected to drive the market growth in the coming years.

Power Factor Controller IC Market Segmentation

The global power factor controller IC market is segmented on the basis of product type, topology mode, package type, mounting type, end-use industry, and by region.

By Product Type                                 

  •         Active Power Factor IC Controllers
  •         Passive Power Factor IC Controllers

By Topology Mode                            

  •         Continuous current mode
  •         Current-mode with fixed-off-time
  •         Critical Conduction
  •         Average Current
  •         Transition mode

By Package Type            

  •         DIP-8
  •         SO-14
  •         SO-16
  •         SO-20
  •         SO-8
  •         SSOP 10
  •         TSSOP 38

By Mounting Type

  •         Through Hole
  •         Surface Mount

By End Use Industry

  •         Automotive
  •         Communication Infrastructure
  •         Smart City
  •         Smart Home
  •         Commercial
  •         Enterprise
  •         Military

By Region

  •         North America
  •         Latin America
  •         Europe
  •         Africa
  •         Middle East
  •         Asia Pacific

Power Factor Controller IC Market Key Players

The key participating players of the global power factor controller IC market include ABB Ltd., NXP Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics, Infineon, Texas Instruments (TI), Sanken Electric Semiconductors, ON Semiconductor Corporation, Monolithic Power Systems (MPS), Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage, Renesas Electronics, Power Integrations, Champion Microelectronic, Unisonic Technologies, Alpha & Omega Semiconductor, Motorola Mobility LLC, Analog Devices, Inc., Power Integrations Inc, Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc., among others.

R&I Overview on Power Factor Controller IC Market Report

The non-identical approach of Reports and Insights stands with conceptual methods backed up with the data analysis. The novel market understanding approach makes up the standard of the assessment results that give a better opportunity for the customers to put their effort.

A research report on the Power Factor Controller IC market by Reports and Insights is an in-depth and extensive study of the market based on the necessary data crunching and statistical analysis. It provides a brief view of the dynamics flowing through the market, which includes the factors that support the market and the factors that are acting as impedance for the growth of the market.

Furthermore, the report includes the various trends and opportunities in the respective market in different regions for a better understanding of readers that helps to analyse the potential of the market.

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