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ParadoxNFT Announces the Imminent Launch of its New NFT Marketplace, $PXETH ILO Presale, and partnership with Free Smoke NFT



ParadoxNFT, a digital platform for crypto-collectibles and non-fungible tokens, announces that it will soon launch its proprietary NFT marketplace. The platform will allow users to buy, sell, swap, and mint NFTs on multiple blockchains. Modules included in the platform will be available for all chains added to the marketplace. This will also benefit newer chain ecosystems with further utilities. While most NFT activity is currently on ETH, other networks have user bases that are rapidly growing. Paradox NFT looks to provide a next-generation NFT marketplace to many valuable networks. Additionally, the project will launch its $PXETH token on April 21st through an ILO (Initial Liquidity Offer)..

Customers and creators can choose from various crypto payment options including credit and debit card payments processed through Simplex. Participating projects will benefit from having their own marketplace landing pages. ParadoxNFT will provide them with live art installations thanks to its partner and team members at Birmingham contemporary art gallery. Currently, the project is collaborating with several artists and projects. Those interested in joining as creators can learn more about it through ParadoxNFT Telegram chat.

$PXETH Presale

ParadoxNFT is also gearing to launch its ERC-20 token, $PXETH, before adding other networks’ tokens to its platform. The event will start on April 21 on Unicrypt, and it will make the token publicly tradable on Uniswap at the close of the pre sale. Also, the token will benefit from a pre-launch audit by Solid Proof Audits..

The total supply of $PXETH tokens is 10,000,000,000 units. The ILO will put forward 52% of them for sale, which will conduct on these conditions:

  •       Presale Price – 11,555,555.55555556 PXETH = 1 ETH
  •       Listing Price – 10,400,000 PXETH = 1 ETH
  •       An account can purchase a maximum of 2.5 ETH worth of PXETH
  •       Softcap – 113 ETH
  •       Hardcap – 450 ETH
  •       60% of sold tokens will go into locked liquidity for 1 year.
  •       40% of the raised ETH will go into listings and DEV.

The pre-sale event should end at the latest on April 28 or as soon as it reaches its hardcap. Also, users will benefit from a 10% discount on tokens they purchase via the ILO presale.

According to the ParadoxNFT Twitter account, the platform takes a 2% total transaction tax, which it distributes as follows:

  •       0.5% goes to liquidity
  •       1% goes to development
  •       0.5% goes to a burn address

It’s worth noting that the percentage of these allocations still depends on the presale results. The platform will determine them as soon as the event ends. Also, it will then identify the size of the buyback of $PXBSC. The BNB-based counterpart is the primary token of payments in the Alphaverse land owned by ParadoxNFT.

About ParadoxNFT

ParadoxNFT LLC is a company vested in New Mexico, USA. Paradox NFT runs on premium, carbon-free cloud servers. The platform also uses a secure Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure maximum security levels. Its goal is to revolutionize the NFT world through a marketplace supporting several forms of media and artists. Featuring modules not seen on other marketplaces as well as featuring a growing list of the top chains. 

Paradox NFT also boasts strategic partnerships with other industry brands. One of them being the upcoming NFT project Free Smoke NFT, a non-fungible token giving holders access to numerous travel amenities, including domestic and international trips, hotels, restaurants, exotic vehicles, yachts, and both real and metaverse exclusive parties. Free Smoke seeks to modernize the NFT space and the world’s understanding of NFTs through a unique appreciation of its community members. For more information on Free Smoke NFT please visit their Discord.

For more information about ParadoxNFT, please follow the links below:

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