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How to Effectively Advertise an Event



If you are planning an event, you have probably already decided the theme and the way that tickets can be bought, whether in person or by using event ticketing software. Many individuals who plan events, however, seem to forget that you will have to market the event in order to get people to come. There are many methods available to help you market your upcoming event, and there are methods that are available for every budget that you can think of. You can read more about five of the most popular methods you can use for marketing the event in the list below.

1. Stay Simple

Before even getting into the types of marketing techniques that are available, it is important to realize that the best way to draw your audience in for the vent is to give a simple message. Showcase to your audience members how your benefit can benefit them to give them a reason that they would want to come. Make sure that the message concerning your event is consistent across every platform that you promote it on as well so no one becomes confused. Finally, you can even utilize a certain slogan or hashtag for the event that is easy to remember so others can know.

2. Post Links

The biggest way to promote your event is to post links to it or to the place where audience members can buy tickets on social media. Use the tools that are available on social media to schedule your posts for each platform, but make sure that each post does have the link. You can then use social media to watch the data to understand the types of posts concerning the event that seem to be reaching the most audience members. Continue utilizing this style of posting in your social media strategy so that you can continue reaching more and more people.

3. Do Not Forget Print Ads

You may think that print ads are a thing of the past with the implementation of digital advertising. They can still be extremely effective for events, however, especially for the older population or for individuals who do not have access to the internet or social media. Sometimes storefronts and even colleges will allow you to put up an advertisement for your event for free in their space. You can even place the ad in your local newspaper for free or for a very low cost.

4. Direct Mail Orders

Believe it or not, sending out direct mail to your clients is a great way that you can market for your event. You can place the website that the audience members can visit to secure a ticket, and you can give all of the information they need to know right on the postcard. A more modern method of direct mail is direct emails in which a digital version of the postcard goes straight to someone’s inbox. Either of these methods, however, gives your clientele and audience members a more personalized experience that will make them more interested.

5. Get Personal

Speaking of a more personalized experience, you need to make sure you get personal with any audience member in your marketing scheme. It is important to emphasize how much the event can help them so that it can show how much you truly care about the attendees. Make sure that the emphasis is on the benefits rather than how the audience members can help you by coming. Highlight the chance to win free contests or to obtain a free good from you just by showing up to be a part of the event.

Final Thoughts

Advertising an event is very similar to advertising any other promotion or piece of information at your place of business. You want to make sure that the advertisements are personalized to your audience and that you have a way to feel connected to them. OFfer a multitude of ways that audience members can learn more about the event, ranging from social media posts to even sending out direct mail and letters. Ensure that it is easy for your audience to buy a ticket also so that the hassle does not prevent them from attending your event.

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