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How to Distinguish Good Weed from Bad Weed?



People who are planning to start taking weed have often been warned to get good-quality weed only. The weed is available in both good and bad qualities, only the good-quality weed will produce robust and well-rounded effects. 

Weed is not hard to find but distinguishing good weed from bad weed can be an uphill task for newbies. However, it is not difficult. You can easily identify the good weed, here are a few things that would help you distinguish a good weed from a bad weed.

  • Look 
  • Feel 
  • Smell 
  • Price 
  • Shelf 


The easiest way to distinguish a good weed from a  bad weed is by judging it through its looks. To be honest, even if you do not know anything about weed you can tell the difference if good and bad weed is brought to you. Good weed always has high-end flowers that look fresh and healthy. Above all, they have a vibrant array of colors such as deep green, orange or red. There can be a little hint of purple or blue as well. Besides color, the amount and viability of trichomes are also an indicator of good weed. Good weed usually has a lot of frosty trichomes. The bad weed appears slightly discolored, its trichomes take over the amber hue appearance.


If you always have a hard time distinguishing good weed from bad weed even after reading a lot of articles, gently squeeze and feel it. The good quality weed is sticky and spongy. It never feels completely dry or crumbled. However, the bad-quality weed is quite the opposite. It feels light and completely dry. Additionally, when you pick it up it begins to fall apart immediately. Whereas, the good weed doesn’t.


Everything that we consume except water has a certain smell. Things begin to stink when they go bad. More or less the same is the case with weed. The bad weed has a musty straw-like aroma whereas the good weed has a sweet, earthy, and diesel-like aroma. In simpler words, it smells somewhat like freshly cut grass or hay.


You can also distinguish a good weed from a bad weed by its price. Good weed is always expensive, purchasing it burns a hole in your pocket. You can order or ask for weed delivery in Halifax. The weed that has gone bad often gets sold at the cheapest price. Therefore, if the weed is being offered to you at a price lower than your expectations, run.  


It is not known to most weed consumers that the weed placed on the top shelf is often of good quality. In the dispensaries, there are three shelves for weed. The top quality weed(the weed that is well-dried, cured, and contains a good amount of THC) is always placed on the top shelf, the acceptable quality is often found on the middle shelf, and poor ones are on the bottom. Therefore, if you are shopping for weed in person, say yes to the weed that holds the top position.

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