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How To Build Backlinks Without Money?



Backlinks : the word has a simple meaning but needs a concentrated approach.  Backlinks are the links which you asked from another website to get traffic to your website. The site is not getting any traffic or lead is the basic problem which is faced by most of the websites no matter how good their services are.

The idea to get more traffic is very simple – Start with backlinks. This is when the digital marketing agency steps up and delivers his philosophy and strategies which can drag much traffic to their website.
The digital marketing agents are well-versed with the ways to get more traffic and how the overall mechanism of backlinks works. It is the most simplest and direct way to get more links and traffic to the website – When it works it can gain skyrocketing results.

Alright; Generating backlinks is not everyone’s cup of tea.

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When you pitch the blog idea to plenty of websites the requests get ignored at times as it might not be of high priority. It becomes much easier when you understand that your mail requests get hidden when the websites are flooded with many emails from various bloggers requesting the same. At other times, you might get a response from the websites which is not the kind of response that you were expecting.

What should be done?

Generate a pitch which is hard to ignore. A simple sentence must be framed in a manner which makes a loud appeal and the only option with them is to publish your content. Don’t panic, we are here to discuss the best strategies to build backlinks.

1) Understand what the website owners actually want

Knowing and understanding the categories of blogs on the website that you are targeting for building backlinks will surely enhance your writing skills along with the pitch. You will wonder how come you are writing an article in the same style as the one which got published on the website.

I do understand that it is not an easy task but once you get to know what the site owners are looking for, it gets much easier for you. There are many websites which provide the topics that they are interested in publishing and writing on such topics and just connecting the dots directly or indirectly evades the chances of rejection.

Here is the harsh reality of websites.

The websites can get quality backlinks just because their ways to pitch were perfect. That’s really sad but it can be considered as the universal truth of the digital world. The pitch is the reflection of ideas and ways to convince other website managers and webmasters to get the live link of your article.

Just nail your pitch and wait for the magical moment.

2) Quality of the content

The content quality must be maintained and the grammatical errors must be eradicated and whenever you research the websites especially write for us provides the details of the content. The content must be more than 800 words, must match the requirements of the websites and blah, blah, blah.

The webmasters and editors are kind of choosy and moody : they might select an article which is completely irrelevant to their website and they might reject one though that matches the requirements of the website. The content plays a pivotal role which needs to be matched with the link that you have provided in your author bio. For instance, writing a content on telemedicine and providing a link on Robotic Process Automation will degrade the relevancy of the content with the link.

Creating an article of 6000 words which is a complete shit or creating an article of 800 words which provides something unique and is rare to find on Google. That’s totally up to you what kind of article you wish to write. No webmaster or editor is a grammar snob but the quality of the content should be maintained throughout the content.

3)  Sell your philosophy

O yeah… It appears simple though it is damn tough trust me!

The philosophical idea behind the article that you wrote must be narrated in a perfect manner.
With the philosophical idea of the article you can easily sell your article to a website of your choice.

Hell yes.. I even made $500 by selling my articles to a particular website though I didn’t know at first that they would pay me in return while pitching.

That’s appealing right?

Even if you consider the literal meaning, it means the same : “Sell your article”.

Making the benefits crystal clear as to what benefits they will reap from your article is the perfect method to sell your article in the market. What you want to convey and what they really want must reciprocate in the ideal manner. Knowing the target audience which can help in promoting the article without any hassle is the dream of every website owner.

4) Short pitch

Lol, short pitch won’t depict my idea behind the article is what we think right?

But trust me, shortness has its own value. Just be as short as you can be. We are not at school participating in an essay competition which needs to have a certain word limit. And the award for the best essay pitch goes to You, Hurrah! Is not something that you expect. Short pitches are the best way to convince and can even cut down the time to read your link request. Be straight forward while making a pitch – Make your link request a little louder which is short yet appealing.

5) Writing the Pitch

We are much scared of the things when the things are not started by us or when we are afraid to start something new.

Yes, We all must have gone through this phase but once the thing gets started it appears much more easy then what we earlier thought.

First and foremost step is to think of writing the subject line while drafting a mail. The short and sweet subject line must be eye-catchy. Subject line ensures that the receiver on the other hand will read your mail or not?

Develop your own style of writing the subject line, Including an emoji or writing in block letters just to grab the attention makes the subject much unique.

Writing an essay – Myself  will eventually enhance the chances of rejection. Maintain the actual body of the pitch short with the basic idea about the topic and its title.

The Last Sentence

You don’t have to be a great writer to get a backlink for your website, all you need to have is some traits of a great salesman.

Pitching your idea along with your philosophy in a few lines is what actually the webmasters and editors are looking for and it is probably the best to generate a backlink.

Author Bio

Krunal Soni is the founder and CEO of Thrillax Private Limited, a digital marketing company. His expertise and 15+ years of experience in every category of digital marketing has brought him clients and their continuous faith and trust helped him to boost up their sales in this digitalized world. Such trust and positive feedback from his clients has been the major factor of  motivation which challenges him to perform tasks in a more competitive manner.

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