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How do graphic designers get freelance projects?

How to get freelance projects as graphics designers. Lets find out during this blog.



Graphics designers are the ones who are in high demand in the industry. Gradually they are capturing the market.  They are the one who makes the communication with the consumers visually. With their unique creative work, they create logos, banners, letterheads etc. They are the one who influences the complete brand image.

But finding good freelance graphic design projects is not that an easy one. Luckily, these days few platforms have emerged helping graphics designers to find work and make their mark in the industry.

This article discusses how as a freelance graphic designer you can get jobs and create your next gig. The aspects that I will be discussing today are very important and I would recommend you to follow them. The strategies and media that I will discuss will be:

  • Portfolio
  • Freelance Marketplaces
  • Networking
  • Blogging
  • Hustling
  • Word of mouth

Before we start discussing in detail, one important piece of information should always be taken into account. The most common requirement almost in all freelance websites is the requirement of creating a portfolio.  You will get to understand why a portfolio is so important. This helps in developing relationships with clients as they will be getting a clear picture of your skills. Also, this will help you in getting the best and highest-paying jobs. We will be discussing this in detail in the later segment.

You must also have the willingness to take up projects with low pay and less appealing. This will help you to show your skills and the quality of work you can deliver.

With time this will help you in getting better projects with handsome pay. Also during this time, you would be making connections with a few clients who will wish to come back to you over and over again as they know how much they can rely on you and get the quality of work they will get from you.

Let’s get started


  1. Create and update your portfolio website

Being a freelance designer, you need to build your own personal website. With it you require a portfolio. After these two stages you are needed to have some self-examination.

Creating your portfolio and website is step one. You just cannot email the prospective clients a list of links to sites where you’ve worked on. Your own website should be the crown of your portfolio.

Your portfolio is your prime credential. So you have to prove as to why you should be taken seriously and not others and also why your work is highly paid. All these need to be done by displaying your creativity.

None of this will be possible if you’re not having a portfolio. And if you don’t take this part seriously, other freelance graphics designers will. And you will be left behind in this race of excelling.

Once you build your portfolio, link it to all possible and relevant platforms. Even try using the links to places where you think it is not relevant. Provide the links on your social media platforms, on your business cards. You can also try it in your email signature.

  1. 2. Freelance job marketplaces

There are plenty of freelance websites where you can find projects relevant to your search. But you need to identify the best ones and move forward. Below are a few freelance websites which will help you in your search.

  1. Build social profiles on design websites

You need to build your accounts on sites like Behance and Dribble. These sites have regular SEO’s. As a result, they end up showing on the first pages of Google. By using their SEO you will be driving traffic to your portfolio.

These social platforms were built mainly for designers. They are built with the concept that the designers would get a platform to display their work. These platforms will also help you in getting feedback from professionals. This will not only help you in getting your work seen by potential clients but also your work gets referred by them. Also, the feedback you will get will help you in improving your skills.

Creating a portfolio requires a lot of detailed work and it’s time-consuming as well. So when you are signing up for a social platform, make it a point that your portfolio has the best of your works. You can get the help of freelance seo expert who would help you in building your portfolio.

There is one secret for freelance graphics designers. When you are starting initially you need to put great effort and energy into getting your first few potential clients. Once that is done the rest will come with the flow.

  1. Blogging

For freelance graphic designers, it is important to create your own blog on your website. Write on topics that are relevant to your work and the industry trends.

When you are writing about topics related to your designs it will give a better concept of how you work and what inputs are made. This not only will make the client contended but also he/ she will be sure enough about the quality of your work.

So write intelligently as well passionately. From time to time share your blogs on the right platforms and with the right people.  This will also generate traffic to your portfolio and website. Always keep in mind clients always seek interesting people with interesting work. So, keeping that in view, blogs also hold an important place.

  1. Hustling

Hustling is a process of working energetically and rapidly with smartness. As a freelance graphic designer, it is very important. Freelance projects involve searching for the right work and then proceed directly. So for all this, you have to work with speed and smartness. You have to be proactive and desperate as well.

Like your society website or the club you are associated with does not have an attractive website. Go and tell them that you want to fix the whole thing and make it the best one. This will not only help you in earning but also scope to build your portfolio stronger.

  1. 6. Word of Mouth

One very important part of finding potential clients for a freelance graphic designer is meeting people in person. Instead of sending emails or messages take the initiative to meet clients in person. This requires some effort and also not all meetings will work. But some will for sure and that will help you in getting projects.

These days more or less all require websites for branding. If you go out and approach directly you will end up getting one potential client for sure. And that potential client will drive others in.

Also start meeting people from places outside their workplace. Like Golf Course, Parties, Pool Alley, Conferences, Trade Fairs etc. You just need to be very specific while talking as those people don’t know you. So be specific and make a confident approach and the rest will come with the flow.


To Conclude: –

Normally the life of freelance graphics designers is great in many aspects. But sometimes the job flow is not smooth, like starting your career or during the middle of a global pandemic. So don’t give up. With time everything is going to be back in shape and you will be creating a deep impact on the industry. So keep aspiring while keeping the above points into account.

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