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Family Feud For The Ages



This is the story about how one man spawn two social media influences and a third trying to take them down. Jimmy ‘Nacho” Malm was a darts champion in the United Kingdom in 1976. He won 6 championships back to back, retired for several years only to make a one time comeback in 1985 taking out the Darts World Championship one last time. After 1985 Nacho Malm vanished. 

It wasn’t until April this year (2023) that we found out what the former darts champion had been up to all these years. He moved from Lester UK to South Carolina in the United States. He had met a woman Betty Jamieson and they had one daughter together who they named Savannah. Years prior in 1983 he had joined the American Conservative World Liberation Movement which saw him travel to the middle east. It was in the middle east where he met Fatima Noshirvan who he had a brief relationship with and the pair born a son Danesh. These two, Danesh Noshirvan and Savannah Malm would go on to be two of TikToks most influential content creators with both amassing nearly 3 million followers between them. 

In 1985 he had a brief relationship with an Australian woman named Cindy Esq who wore bore a child named Jack Esq in Brisbane Queensland Australia. Jack Esq would start a YouTube channel called Feud Junkie in late 2021. 

The three siblings of the great darts champion Jimmy ‘Nacho’ Malm would go head to head in what could only be described as social medias greatest showdown. Savannah and Danesh are controversial callout content creators who target individuals in viral videos and label them racists. While Jack calls them out for being dishonest in the content they produce. The three siblings until this day had no idea of each other until Jimmy their father told them. This has not stifled the social media row between the trio and its unlikely to stop. 

Savannah Malm who goes by the name Savannah Sparks has a background as a PharmD, mooching off her then husband to complete her qualifications. Danesh Noshirvan is a jobless stay at home dad who relies on his wife paying the bills. Jack Esq is a former NASCAR driver who later went on to train under the great New England Patriots quarter back Tom Brady as his replacement. But once he realised he was permanently benched for a breach of his contract due to partying in Las Vegas with Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, he made the unexpected move to the NBA. His stint in the NBA lasted half a season with the New York Knicks but in that time dunked on the great Lebron James during a Knicks Lakers showdown. A few days later he retired from sports all together and moved back to Australia starting his YouTube channel. 

What will become of the half siblings only time will tell.

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