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Everything you should know about the hard drives!!!



A western digital hard drive is that hardware component that helps in storing all your digital content. No matter what kind of content you want to store whether it is your documents, pictures, videos, music, application preferences, and so on, you can easily store all kinds of data into it. It could be external as well as internal. The file size is what is considered as the measurement to store the data into the hard drive. It is the memory of the western digital hard drive that helps you to know the data present in it. 

Generally, documents are smaller in size whereas the pictures, music, and videos are larger in size. Videos are the largest size of the hard drive. The size of a hard drive has been measured in terms of MegaBytes, Giga Bytes, and TeraBytes. 

Why is the speed of a hard drive important?

The spin speed which is measured in terms of rotations per minute has been used to determine the speed of the hard drive. The faster the disk platter is, the faster your computer can find out the file that you are looking for. That is why of course the hard drive with the 7,200 RPM is faster than that of 5,400RPM. Though you would see any difference when you have to store the small file or access the small size of the file in case, if you have to deal with the large size of files then you should definitely look for the hard drive with a great speed.

How to measure the performance of a hard drive?

There are certain factors that you should consider to know the performance of a hard drive. Have a look at these factors that you should consider:

  • Storage capacity 

Hard drives come in a wide range of varieties with wide capacities. It can hold up to 16TB of space therefore you can easily store a large amount of data into it. The more the storage capacity that a hard drive has, the more the data it can keep stored.

  • Transfer speed

The second main thing that helps in measuring the performance of a hard drive is its transfer speed. Though the transfer speed has been measured into many terms but the one is the revolutions per minute. The higher the RPM is, the faster will be the speed of the data.   

  • Cache space 

When there is a requirement to transfer the data from one section of the memory to another section of the memory then cache space is most important. When there is a large cache size then it becomes easier and efficient to transfer more data therefore a large amount of data can be transferred at once. Usually, the cache size of the western digital hard drive ranges between 8 MB to 256 MB. 

  • Access time 

There are numerous numbers of factors that help in knowing the access time of the hard drive. Consider the time that it takes for the reader to position itself to read and write the data whenever the end-user wants. The access time helps you to know when you can access the data and what is the speed of accessing it. The more you can access, the better is the performance of the western digital hard drive. 

  • Failure rate 

The failure rate depends on the wear and tear of the hard drive. As you know there is wear and tear in a hard drive because it has movable parts therefore you should consider this. Some types of hard drives tend to fail within one year while some take much time up to 6 years. The durability of the hard drives varies from brand to brand. You should choose the one as per your requirements. The cost could also vary from brand to brand. 

The western digital hard drive is considered one of the best hard drives with its great performance and it is also highly durable. When you want to buy a digital hard drive, make sure you look for all the things that have been discussed above and choose the one as per your preferences as well as the needs. 

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